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June 11, Wednesday, 2014
Blood Sugar : 151 Weight : 291.8 LBS.
TODAY Was to be Grandmother Louise’s Birthday!
God Rest Her Soul!
Breakfast : “Leftovers” Curry Chicken & Fried Rice ~ Carnation Instant Breakfast ~ 1%Milk ~ 1%Milk ~ Water
Around 12:30noon, I went to Hyperbaric Wound Care Center for THE FIRST TIME in a long time!
I saw Dr. Kirstien Smith.
The father, Dr.James Martin Smith, is still there, but we didn’t get to see him today.
Today I had Lloyd/Male and Roni /Female : 2RNs
~ I saw “PAM”!!!!!!!!
~ And I here that Marylee is still here!!!!
Dr. Kirstien Smith, Spoke with Dr. Risvi’s Office
~ and said, “IF She can not help you, that I need to make an appointment to see him!”
Today, she put a NEW Dressing on me, She called it Fancier.
~ It was Sheeps Stommach! And Foam!
Lunch :@ Sonic : Peanut Butter Cups Shake ~ Corndog ~ TatorTots
Perrin Worrell Sent to me a Disneyland Shotglass from Los Angelas, California.
She made me happy!!!!
Snack :Big Red Zero Float w/ French Vanilla Creamy Creations HEB Ice Cream

May 13, Tuesday, 2014:
Blood Sugar : Weight : 295.2 lbs
I woke 8am
Took a fantastic fresh shower since we had a plumber last night fix everything!
Breakfast : Cracklin Oat Bran Cereal ~ 1%Milk ~ Cran Cherry Juice
Dad took me to Stitches From The Heart from 10am to 3pm.
Lunch : @Taco & Salsa : Stitches : Tres Leches Cake ~ 2 Rootbeers ~ Strawberry Mousse Birthday Cake
I finished and got started to be framed my Teach Peace! This is the 2nd one that is.
Plus, I finished and got started to be in a hanger, my Texas Longhorn!
Then dad and I went home,
Dad cooked the Anticuchos Shishkabobs.
And I worked on the computer.
Then around 6pm to 8:30pm I had 9 persons all together doing a Pot Luck Dinner at my house.
Dinner : Anticuchos ~ Hatches Chips ~ Guacamole ~ Strawberry Drink ~ Spicy Pickles
~ Wheat Bread
Dessert : Prailine Ice Cream Cake
It was my first time having a Pot Luck Dinner @ My House!
It turned out great!

April 21, Monday, 2014:
Blood Sugar : Weight : 308.4 lbs
I woke up at 5:21 to go to the bathroom and stay in my Wheelchair this time!
I did this for my back was hurting in bed.
We woke up officially at 7am by the phone call.
We packed and loaded the car.
Breakfast :@ Hampton Hotel : Orange Juice ~ French Toast & Syrup ~ Hot Chocolate
Then dad around 9:15am dropped me off at the Galleria mall on Level 1.
I stayed at Starbucks drinking my Snack :Starbucks : Chai Frappaccinno. until 10:15 on Level 2.
Then I went window shopping.
I headed towards Aveda.
First I went to Legoland. I bought me a Lego Keychain of R2-D2.
Then, I went to Bath and Body Works and got me 5 Stress Relief Hand Sanitizers
~ 6 Travel Bottles of Stress Relief Lotion and 1 Stress Relief Bath Bar.
Then I bought me a Snack: Taramisu French Pastry.
Afterwards I went to Aveda. I got me a fantastic Massage on my shoulders and neck and face.
I drank there tea x2 and bought 1 bar of their Rosemary Soap-Bar.
After that I went to the Disney Store. I bought the DVD Frozen!
I went to Cheese Cake Factory from 1:30am to 3:pm for Lunch .
Lunch :@ Cheese Cake Factory : Houston,Tx : Tropical Smoothie w/Whipped Cream blended together
~ Fried Zuchinni ~ Chicken Samosa’s ~ Vannilla Bean Cheesecake w/Whipped Cream
Then I went back to the mall to look around on Level 1.
I bought me a Godiva White Choc Bar, And shared it with dad.
I went back to Cheese Cake Factory for I was thirsty. Snack : I had a Milk.
I left at 3:45pm And I waited outside for my dad to pick me up.
Dad and I took the Hov lane to go home faster.
O Was There Traffic! A Good Hour and Half .
And I had to go really bad, if you know what I mean! We stopped in Katy Relief!
Next stop was at Buccee’s! For some Hot Chocolate and Fudge! Oh and Taffy for dad!
It started to lighting and thunder when we hit San Antonio. Alittle bit of rain too. Not too much though.
Yeay!!!!! We’re home! Rosebud!!!!!!!!!! Love and kisses!!!!!!!!!! My size Toilet! My size Bed!
I got online, did my votes and cheers and vote reminder!
And went to bed.

April 20, Sunday, 2014: EASTER DAY!
Blood Sugar : 143 Weight : 308.4 lbs
I woke up at 6:30am. Took a shower. And packed for Houston!
I finished fixing my webpage Having Fun FK, before leaving for Houston!
Then we gave Rosebud our love and plenty of food.
OH!! The Easterbunny left me a solid choc Easter Bunny! I shared it with dad.
Then we left .
Breakfast :@ Valeros’ for a Pumpkin Cappacino ~ Fast Break
Lunch :@ Buc-cess for Turkey and Beef Sticks ~ Big Red Zero.
Then dad and I went to Houston.
When we got to Houston,
~ we went to our Hampton Hotel on 4500 Post Oak Parkway @ Westhiemer.
~“Galleria Mall is on Westhiemer Road.”
Dinner :@ Grand Café Lux : Houston,Tx : Pesto Pasta w/Kalamanta Olives & Garlic ~ Wheat Bread ~ Fried
~Pickles ~ Coke Zero ~ Water
Dessert : :@ Grand Café Lux : Houston,Tx : Choc Molted Lava Cake and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
~Straight across from its’ sister restaurant the Cheesecake Factory.
~Perrin Worrell, my cousin, took us there. It was great! And in Better than Cheesecake Factory in many ways.
~To-bad, we don’t have one in San Antonio.
Perrin is thinking about moving into a house! Finally her dreams are coming true.
I hope she can make this happen.
She mainly discussed about her apartment fire and belongings all night long.
In which, is understandable.
~But hardly any talk about my future.
She looked exhausted.
There was one time, when she phoned Harriet, and she allowed me to speak with her.
Then dad and I went to bed around 9pm.
I had to use a soda crate to help me into bed.
I kept needing to get out of bed during the night about 3 times to go to the bathroom.
Poor dad, he has a busy schedule tomorrow.

April 1 Tuesday, 2014: “originally : April Fools Day ”
Blood Sugar : Weight : 308.4 lbs
I woke up at 8:00am.
Breakfast : At Einstiens : Chochotlet w/ Whipped Crème ~ “Everything” Bagel w/ Garden Veggie Smear
Then I was at Stitches From The Heart from 10 to 4:50pm WOW!
Lunch :At Taco & Salsa At Stitches : Chirezo & Potato & Refried Beans + 2 Rootbears
Snack : At Stitches From The Heart : Kay’s Chocolate Cake
Dinner : At Little Ceasars : Pepperoni Pizza

March 21, Friday,2014
Blood Sugar : Weight : 308.4 lbs.
Pain : Right Foot~ Sore Throat ~ Migraine ~Stomach ache at ribcage.
This week, I have DRB'd "dropped by request" 3 of my sites in comps:
Kn Thunder ~ Aye, The Real Me ~ Cat Lovers Cuddles
This week I went to my Stitches From The Heart Group
I'm working on a cross stitch piece "Willow ~ Weeping Willow Tree"
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