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August 13, Thursday, 2015
Blood Sugar : Weight : 289.8 lbs
Today is My BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I’am 53 @ 8:31 am!
My Dad woke me up wishing me a Happy Birthday!
He gave me a Gift Card of $25.00 Walmart Colorful Happy Birthday Gift Card.
~And he gave me a $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card.
My dad took me to Dr. Scanlan @ 9am.
“Dr. Scanlan/Olivia/Norma and the other secretary!” said happy birthday to me.
Then we in the hallway saw Dr.Hilton. “Dr. Hilton wished me a Happy Birthday!”
For Breakfast on my Birthday, Dad took me to La Madeline!
Breakfast : Big Chochotlet and Whipped Crème ~ Spinach Quiche ~ Ham ~ Slight amount of Crossiant.
Then dad took me to Fed Ex and we mailed Perrin Worrell's, letter to her.
Then dad took me to RIE camping store
And I received a New Sleeping Bag That is BIGGER~WIDER! For me!
I Paid for x4 Cliff Bars $4.29
We saw a Secure Cot that would be perfect for dad.
Then dad was as well looking for a new porta potty.
Then For Lunch on my Birthday, Dad took me to Piattie’s for Lunch Near the Quarry.
Lunch : Shredded Zuchinni ~ Pine Nuts ~ Grilled Chicken~ Sundried Tomatoes in a Tuscan Tomato Sauce.
~ and a Cucumber Cooler Drink and a Water and a Crème Brulee’ with a Biscotti Cookie and Whipped Crème.
My Birthday Was A BLAST!!!!!!!!

August 11, Tuesday, 2015
Blood Sugar :117 Weight : 289.8 lbs
I HAVE “””2 Opened Ulcers On my Right Ankle,
~In the Same Area At the Same Time! OUCH!”””
Dad and I went to Einstiens Bagels for Breakfast!
I had a Rosemary and Olive Bagel with Garlic and Herb Smear and a Chochotlet with Whipped Cream.
Then dad dropped me off at Stitches From The Heart from 10:30 to 1:45pm.
I went next door to Taco and Salsa and celerbrated my early birthday there.
I had 2 Flan ChocMouse Cakes + 2 Peanut M and M’s + Milk.
Then at Stitches,there, they celerbrated 2 Birthdays!
This was how they celerbrated, by giving the following:
~ First, a Pink Triangle Homemade Organizer Contaner made out of cloth. “Made by Jan Emerick”,
~I love it! I’m going to put Quarters in it!
~Plus Second, from, Peggy Kondoff,
~she and her grandkids made Cupcakes
~ with Purple Whipped Creams Surprise in-side the cupcake.
Oh, I ordered through Jackie, The Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments Magazine!
And I got the Santa and Mrs Santa and Rudolph Sled Cross Stitches put on hold for me for next Tuesday.
Then I went to Martha Barker, my councelor.
Then I went home for a-while and worked on my documents for a-while
Oh, I played with Rosebud for a-while too!
Afterwards, I went to BJ Brewlry’s
~ and so did the LDS Home Visiting Ladies : Patty Smith, Wendy Fitzer and Barbara Longi.
We had a blast! All 4 of us did !
Patty Smith, gave me a Card, a $30.00 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card!
Wendy Fitzer, gave me a Card and Paid for my BJ Brewlry’s Dinner!
And Barbara Longi, gave me an Exotic Looking Box of Chocolate Truffles!
And All 3 of them split my dessert cost 3 ways!
For Dinner, I had Avacado Eggrolls with Tamarana Sauce.
For Dessert, I had a Pzooki Trio Dessert of :
~ White Choc Macadamia Nut ~ Cookies & Cream ~ Peanut Butter
~ all served with Ice Cream on top!
~Plus I had 2 Homemade Root Beers!

September 18, Wednesday, 2014 : DAY BEFORE my Dad's BIRTHDAY!
Dad's Birthday is tomorrow the 19th! YEAY!
Leisa Parson Came today with 2 Red Velvet Cakes!!!!!!!!
At the time I forgot to tell her about dad's day tommorow.
And she didn't even know.
Dad and I celerbrated!
On Sunday, we told her!

August 13, Wednesday, 2014 My 52nd Birthday!!!!!!
Blood Sugar : Weight: 300.6 Lbs
Both ankles irritate me burning wise.
Dad came in my bedroom singing happy birthday to me Cajun style before 8:31am.
At 8:31am Dad and I ate some chocolates, watermelon and a smoothie for Breakfast.
Then I looked at my Cross Stitch Pattern Books.
Then I looked at my Stitchery Catalog.
Both Stephanie Schoolcraft and Patty Smith phoned me!
Liz Darnall phoned me too!
At Home, I received a Happy Birthday Card from Brian, “Made totally by George!”.
Now, I’m online.
I had an email from Brian and 3 emails from George.
Ruth and Patty “Dragon’s Lair, and Cyndi Dorton wished me a Happy Birthday!
On FaceBook, Frida, Marge Means, Pearin, Cyndi Dorton,
~ Dana Hyms “I Think was Dburns” not sure though, Linda Harrison, Teresa Watts,
~and Rosemarie Montgomery wished me a Happy Birthday!

Then around 5:45pm Dad took me to Piatte’s at La Cateria Eilian Hotel Location.
I had a Cucumber Cooler Drink and so did dad. As-well as having water.
I had Shredded Zuchinni, Pinenuts, Sundried Tomatoes,
~ and Suga Rosa which is a “Creamy Tomato Sauce”.
Dad and I shared a Warm Lava Cake and Strawberry for my Dessert.
~ It came with a Live Firecracker for a birthday candle! Wo!
~Kind of scared me with my Oxegyn tank in back of me.
~Otherwise, it was kind of fun! Too!

At Home, When I got home,
I received a card from Patty Smith, with a Certificate for a Free Dinner and a Movie of my choice!
Aug 30 we went to Bourban Street for some Cajun Blackend Chicken
~and Pilaf of Rice with Creamy Smoked Peppered Sauce and a Missippi Mud Pie for my Birthday Dessert + 2 Dr. Peppers!

August 12, Tuesday, 2014 Day Before My Birthday!!!!!!
Blood Sugar : Weight: 300.6 Lbs
Both ankles irritate me burning wise.
First I was with dad and we went to Einstiens Bagels for breakfast..
Breakfast : Chochotlet with Whipped Cream ~ "Everything Bagel" with Garden Veggie Smear
Then to Stitches From The Heart.
Mickey Kediel gave me a Birthday Card and a Birthday Kiss on my cheek.
Then Kathy James asked me what kind of dip I liked, ~ And I told her. Avacado/or / Onion.
Valerie was there and she had a heavy bag with her full of pattern books,
~that she was happly giving away!!!!!!!
I, in a wheelchair, jumped into action!!!!!!!
Stephanie Schoolcraft was there too! ~ and she came to my rescue and saved my left arm.
There was a lot of Medival and Christmas patterns that caught my eyes!
Jan Emerick brought me some Chocolate Sugar-free Cupcakes, YUM!! I gave her credit already.
Donna Castanza made me some Red Velvet Cupcakes YUM!!!!
~ And a Lemon Velvet Cake YUM!!!!! ~ I gave her credit already.
Carol Milbern made me some Waldorf Salad. Yum!~ I gave her credit.
Margo from Taco & Salsa next door gave me x2 Rootbeers for FREE for my Birthday Gift.
Beth, Jackie, Sharron wished me a happy birthday!
Valorie, Diane, Pat Aleata,and Jan #2 wished me a Happy Birthday.

Then to 54th Street with LDS Sisters:
Laurie Patterson, and Kaitlin “daughter”, Mary-Beth Easton, Patty Smith,
~ Lisa Paul, Barbara Longi, Diane Seago, and Phillis Sanches, Oh PLUS ME!!!!!
Makes 9 persons that showed up! and 10 if you include dad !!!
Laurie Patterson gave me a Red Robin $25.00 Gift Certificate, and a Minnie Mouse Cosmetic Bag.
Laurie Patterson, as –well, paid for my Dinner and Appetizer.:
“Fried Pickles + Ranch Dip +Toastada Chips + White Cheese + 1 ¼ Dr. Peppers
~ + Blackened Chicken Fetticinni with Zuchinni/Squash/Carrots” .
The Resturant paid for my Dessert. “Carrot Cake”.
Lisa Paul gave me an Extendable Backscratcher and a IceCream Card.
Mary-Beth Easton gave me a Cupcake Card.
Barbara Longi gave me a Floral Card and a box of Russell Stover Chocolates.

At Home,
George Hushman gave me in the US Postal Snail Mail, a Disney Card-kindof and a $5.00.
From Anna Jo, a Lavander Card.

August 13, Tuesday, 2013
Blood Sugar : Weight : 314.2 lbs Worst Ever!
Because of my Cruise and my Weight, I will go on a Diet UNTIL my Cruise! Starting Aug 18.
Pain :I have pain in my Right Foot.
Pain :Last night around 9:30pm and into the nighttime,
~ I started having pain like my Lovanox shots all over again at my belly.
Pain :During the day, it was at my side too.

Today is My 51st Birthday!!!
I celerbrate my birthday Every Year, for a Doctor In My Past Told Me I Would NOT Be Age 22!
Gee, I prooved him wrong, didn't I!
Dad gave me a birthday card and Yesturday’s Down Payment
~ on the Disney Cruise for December 14 to 21st.
~ And with it being in the Christmas Holidays, OH YEAH!!!!!!!!
Breakfast : At Daylight Doughnuts : Banana Cake ~ Devils Food ~ Doughnut Holes and Chocolate Milk
Dr. Scanlan wished me a Very Happy Birthday and so did Olivia,
~ and the 3 secretaries in the lobby sang Happy Birthday to me.
Then I went to Stitches From The Heart.
Lunch : Half a Crossiant and Water.
~They celerbrated my birthday and “Joyce’s Next Week’s Birthday with a Tres Leches Cake.
Then I went to Martha Barkers’. She wished me a Happy Birthday.
Snack : Water
“””Both””” Dr. Scanlan and Olivia and Martha Barker,
~ love the fact that Dad will be taking me to another Disney Cruise come Dec 14 to 21st .
Then I went Home.
I phoned Perrin and we spoke for 40min.
Meg phoned me and we spoke for 1 hour.
The Solinaks phone me and we spoke for 2min..
Snack : Cherry Dr Pepper.
And Leisa Parson’s brought over 3 Homemade Fresh Doughnuts :
~ A Lemon, Chocolate Peanut Butter and an Apple Crisp.
Dinner : At Fisherman’s Wharf Bass Pro Shop, I had Cajun Chicken~ Garlic Bread ~ Sugary Bread ~ Butter
~ Dr. Pepper ~ Chocolate Mouse Cake ~ Vanilla Ice Cream.
~ Laurie Patterson paid for my Dinner, and dessert!
~ She as-well gave me a Purple Travel Mug, and a $25.00 Olive Garden Gift Card.
Marybeth Easton, gave me a Pink Minnie Mouse Watch.
And Patty Smith gave me a card and a Magnet, that reads Make Everyday Count,
~ Plus $30.00 of Essential Oils.
When I got home,
Harriet phoned me and we spoke for 1 hour, plus to Chuck.
Then Rosemarie Montgomery phoned me and
~ Sang Happy Birthday to me and spoke with me for 15min.
I phoned Rebecca Palmer and spoke with her for 54minutes.

August 14, Tuesday, 2012 : My 2nd Day Celerbrating my 50th Birthday!
I celerbrated the rest of my birthday for Dinner time at BJ Brewlrys with some church sisters.
Mary Beth Easton, Laurie Patterson and daughter Katlin,
~ Fran, Barbara Longi and Daughter are the persons I celerbrated my birthday with.
Dinner: I had 1 ½ slices of a Mini Roasted Garlic and Black Olive Pizza and 1 ½ Rootbeers.
Dessert: I had ¾ of a Cookies & Cream Pzcookie,
~in-which was a Cookie and Cream cookie meled in a deepdish pan,
~with 3 small scoops of vanilla ice cream and topped off with cookies and cream whipped cream.

August 13, Monday, 2012: MY """"50th BIRTHDAY!!!!""""
Blood Sugar : Weight : 295.0 lbs.
This was a great emotional day!!!!!!
First my dad put my wraps on me, & sang to me Happy Birthday.
Then he gave me a KINDLE FIRE for my present.
I went to see my primary doctor, Dr.Scanlan today.
She and I get along fine, so I made sure that my appointment was on my birthday.
She was pleased to know that I'm 50 now, for another doctor in my past said,
~ that I wouldn't live past age 22.
~ Gee I prooved him wrong, didn't I ?
See me smiling!
And she was pleased to know that I'm going on a Disney Cruise too!
She saw me for a follow-up and for blood work.
Plus she saw me for my right arm from my elbow to my shoulder has been hurting for a week now.
Then dad took me to eat breakfast at the Gunther House.
Breakfast : Hazelnut Chochotlet ~ Toasted Almonds w/Whipped Cream Waffles ~ Water
Dad let me order me a Winter Sparkle Skin for my Kindle Fire.
Then dad gave me some more presents "That I ordered for from Disney Store" a month ago.......
A glass mug with Mickey Mouse and Castle on it.
A glass shot glass with Tinkerbell
~ and a Mickey Mouse Icon Walt Disney World Wood box that carries 2 writing pens.
I spoke with my grandmother Louise Denham and aunt Harriet Worrell.
A church friend, Leisa Parsons, made me a Choc Cream Bundt Cake, YUM!!!!!
She as well helped me with my Kindle Fire.
Lunch : Thai Chicken SpringRolls ~ 1 % Milk ~ Choc Cake.
Dad took my friend Patty Smith and I out to eat Dinner at Piatte's.
Dinner : @ Piatte's : Cucumber Cooler Drink ~ Chicken, Zuchinni, Pinenuts in a Creamy Tomato Sauce
Dessert : @ Piatte's : Creme' Brulee'
Patty Smith came to my house and Dad, Patty and I played Yahtzee and 5000 for 2 hours.
Dessert : @ Home : 1/2 of a Choc Cake and Water.
Then before bed, dad gave me a massage!
The only disappointment I had all day is, I could not get my cat to give me a kiss all day long.
I had a blast!!!
My phone said, my cousin Perrin Worrell phoned me too. but I didn't hear it go off.
~ guess, I was in the resturant at the time.
Anyways, dad took my wraps off me, and we went to bed.

August 13, Saturday, 2011: MY 49th BIRTHDAY!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 287.2 lbs.
A Great Emotional day for me and a Sugar Rush Day as-well !!!!
First, Marybeth Easton, gave me a Denham & Mickey Mouse Wheelchair Organizer.
She as well gave me a Fruit Cheesecake :
~Fruit being : Kiwi ~ Strawberries ~ Blueberries ~ Oranges & Pineapple. YUM!!!!
Second, Grandmother gave me $30.00.
And Dad gave me $60.00
Then Lark gave me a Shotglass & a HP Book third edition of Muggles & Magic.
Third, The Church sisters “ Laurie Patterson, Rebecca Wilson, Patty Smith, Toni Greece &
~Caitlin Patterson, plus
~My Dad” Gave me a Brunch at Mimi’s Resturant @ The Rim.
I had the following : Chochotlet ~ Choc Moose Muffin ~ Strawberry, Bannana ,
~Yogurt Smoothie ~ New Potatos ~ 3 Mooses : Chocolate ~ Raspberrie ~ Lemon.
Can you say YUM!!!!
Laurie Patterson & Caitlin gave me : A Gardenia Room Fuser & Gourmet Lollipops.
Patty Smith gave me a Mickey Mouse Wallet & a $25.00 Disney Certificate..
Tony Greece gave me a book. ‘Religious book”.
Lee Parsons came over & handed me a Chocolate Cupcake with curls
~And a card from Leisa Parsons.
Fourth, Dad took me to Borders Bookstore,
~& I got a Fraggle Rock Jim Hensons BOOK & I got a 2012 HP Calender.
Then we went to Whole Foods, to get me a $15.00 massage/facial.
Then we went to Office Max just to look.
And finally we went to P.F. Changs to eat Chinese food.
I had Spicy Almond & Cashew Chicken + Citrus Herbal Hot Tea.
~Can you say YUM!!!!
Fifth, Marge Means came & brought over to our house a Strawberry Blueberry Triffle.
Sixth, looking at my email and my snailmail...
I got the following:
~from Desertflower, a birthday greeting 123 card ~
~and from Linda Harrison, a Kitten Painting Birthday greeting!
YES, All In All I had a great time!!!!!!!!
Now, if this is how I celerbrate my 49th birthday,
What will I do on my 50th. Birthday?

August 13, Friday, 2010
This is My 48th Birthday!
These are the things I recieved:
From Dad:
A Birthday Card ~ $20.00 ~ BJ's Brewlry Dinner ~ Played Uno & Yahtzee with him!
From Denham:
A Birthday Card ~ $20.00 ~ & a Phone Call.
From Lark Doley:
A Shotglass from Panama ~ A Birthday Card & a Phone Call.
From George Hushman:
A Birthday Card ~ $5.00.
From Rosebud:
She slept in bed with me all day!
From Donnie Britt:
A Text Birthday Message.
From Julia @ J.K.Fittness:
A Birthday Postcard.
From Laurie Patterson:
Bought "Chocolate Dream" at Carrabas on Tuesday for me.
From LDS Sisters:
They sang Happy Birthday to me at Carrabas.
From Patty Smith:
A Birthday Card, Plate and Stand, went to BJ's Brewlry with dad & I, Played Uno &
From The Solanaks and Twinkerbell:
A Birthday Card.

August 13, Thursday, 2009:
It is my 47th Birthday!!!!!! YEE HAH!!!!!!!
Dad's BDay gift to me was a 3x5 card for it is the thought that counts.
He as well gave me a $20.00 bill and Lunch at BJ's Brewlry.
My friend Lark called me from Conneticut.
Then she gave me a shotglass, In-which, I collect.
and gave me some Cucumber Melon shower gel.
My cousin Perrin, called me from Houston.
And she gave me Book 4 & 5 of Pendragon Series.
My cousin Liz called me from Dallas.
My grandmother Louise called me from Vermont.
And sent me $50.00 for my birthday.
My Kitten Rosebud gave me tons of kisses on my face and nose.
My friend Rosemarie and her 2 kids called and sang Happy Birthday to me!
My friend Patty went to BJ's Brewlry with dad and I.
She gave me a Halloween Kitty Beannie and Some Chocolates and a Birthday Mug.
I collect Holiday type mugs.
My friend Mary Beth sent me a animated fantasy birthday card! Through the email.
My Friends: Rebecca P. ~ Teresa W. ~Christy W. ~ Rebecca E. ~
Linda H. ~ Mary J. ~ Ruth C. and George H. ~ Desertflower Wished me a Happy Birthday
All In All, I was on Cloud 12 all day long :)

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