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November 27, Sunday, 2011
Blood Sugar : Weight :
We woke up it was windy and 42 degrees!
I stayed in the tent with the heater on, while dad did some stuff.
Then we went to Lakey and had breakfast.
Then I stayed in the tent while dad was putting things up so we could go home.
Like a tradition.......We went to DQ, Dad ate food and a dessert, I just had dessert. Yum!
When we got home, I was with Rosebud for awhile.
Then I crashed out in bed for an hour.

November 26, Saturday, 2011
Blood Sugar : Weight :
Boy did it get windy!
And Cold.
Luckly we had a heater in the tent.
I got up VERY VERY Sorely in my back, and legs and arms from the cot.
This night, I slept in my wheelchair that reclines.
It's was comfortable, though my right foot was bothering me all night long.
And I was straining again getting up and down.

November 25, Friday, 2011, Black Friday
Blood Sugar : Weight :
Dad and I went camping at Garner State Park.
Luckly dad had no problems doing the tent or the cabana this time by himself.
We had fun up until it started to rain at nighttime.
I was straining get up and down from the toilet or porto potty to my wheelchair.
I took my red chair, the new one, It is bigger than me though.
But this chair lasts longer and it's easier to go on dirt pavement and gravel.
I slept on the cot this night.

September 18, Sunday, 2011
Blood Sugar : Weight :
At 5am I almost threw up, I was so congested.
I had to have dad put my bipap on me, for I did not want to wear it to bed.
And my back was hurting something bad to move or to breath.
Finally got up around 7:30 am ……..and ooooooooohhhhh was I sore,
~an dad had to put recovery cream on me.

Today, was the day, we were leaving around 2pm.
in-which is good, for I missed Rosebud!
And I don’t think my legs could handle up/down anymore.
As we were on the way home, we stopped at DQ for Dessert this time. Yum!

When we got to the mailbox, YES!!!!!!! My Grey’s Anatomy came!!!!!!!

When we arrived at home, it was sunny and at 4:30pm.
First, I saw and was with Rosebud, then I went to use “MY” bathroom,
~and saw my right arm where my small bruise was, but when I saw it,
~not only did it grow, it spreaded too!

Later that night around 8:21 to 9:30pm It stormed and hailed.
This was when Rosebud was on my chest & stomach and I was in bed.
It scared both of us, especially Rosebud.
Dad was home visiting teaching when this happened.
He came home just when it started to stop.

September 17, Saturday, 2011
Blood Sugar : Weight :
Getting up from the cot, was very strainful for both dad & myself.
Sore in 2 arms and legs and right foot.
Had a migraine.
Took Loratab, Skelaxin & Imetrex.
Not at the same time though.

Dad & Liz Darnall my cousin, had a 7 hour train trip excursion.
While I reclined in my wheelchair and fell asleep & listened to cd music all day.
While I was watching ducks, squirrels, people swimming, boating, canoeing & kayaking.
And I saw 2 small tiny spiders & 2 lizards.
One of the lizards was 5 inches long.
With the back as steardy as leather and looked like a snake.
Was very scary to look at.

I went around the table to get some ruffles or something to eat…..
But I got stuck in the dirt first & luckly my neighbors were right there to help me.
Then later it started to rain & Becky next door helped me get into my tent.
Man did I sweat up a storm,
So much that I could taste salt off my lips.

After it stopped raining.
Sarah Darnall, my cousin Liz Darnall's adopted daughter came over,
~& made the tent release water, so I could get out of the tent.
Then, much later, Liz Darnall & Dad came back from the train excursion.
Dad was telling me that they sang a Rap Train song of Happy Birthday to my dad, for Monday is dads birthday.

Then dad, Liz Darnall, Sarah Darnall and I went to Coopers BBQ for Dinner. Liz paid.
Along, the way, I saw more Bambi’s.

September 16, Friday, 2011
Blood Sugar : Weight :
It is 10:23am & dad + myself are still getting ready to go camping at Inks Lake.
It rained here in San Antonio, this morning finally.
Health wise, Both arms hurt. And stiff in my neck. And my butt hurts.
I changed into my red chair motor wheelchair from my blue motor wheelchair
~and my butt stopped hurting. Go figure???

We left for Inks Lake around 11:15am.
I kept praying that my wheelchair would last the whole trip.
I as well prayed for the road kill for their souls to go to rainbow bridge heaven.
Dad & I stopped along the way at a DQ, not for dessert though. I wasn’t up to it.
When we were about 15 miles away…..
Dad got lost, hee, hee.
We ended up at the wrong lake.

Later, today, I saw 18 ducks in total…I named one Joseph, he was the loud one of the bunch.
And I saw a Bambi, and an Armadillo.
We camped at Site 65.…non accessible, but yet perfect site on the lake.
I wanted camp site 58 the Handicapped site.

Liz Darnall, dad & I went to the gift store,
~and Dad bought me a pink with flowers Inks Lake State Park T-Shirt, that I picked out.
Getting up and down from the porto potty to the wheelchair
~or the toilet at the bathroom to the wheelchair was straining my legs something aweful.
And getting on to the cot too!

October 4, Monday 2010
Day 24 of the Trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight was 290 lbs.
Butt, Back, Legs, Left Side and Right and Left Arms Hurt.

OH My It is great to be HOME!
Rosebud!!!! Here is your pumpkin!
Man, I Missed You and I gave her lots of love-in too!
Then I went to use my Toilet and YES My Size!
Then I crashed out in my Hospital bed and elevated my Legs!

Breakfast : Yogurt ~ Bananas ~ Muffin ~ Doughnut ~ Milk
Lunch @ Coopers BBQ : Turkey ~ Coleslaw ~ Potato Salad ~ Big Red.

Oh, On this trip, there were no BIG RED Soda's anywhere!

October 3, Sunday 2010
Day 23 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : 150 YIKES! Weight : 290 lbs.
Butt, Back and Legs ~ Left Side Hurt too.

Ate Lunch at La Posta again, where dad took mom in 1959.
Stayed in Comfort Inn "Sleep Inn".
Stayed on the Sofa Couch.
Man/Woman I do hope to go home tommorow!

Breakfast : Muffins ~ Yogurt ~ Banana ~ Chochotlet ~ Milk ~ Choc Chunky Nature Valley Granola Bar
Lunch : @ Los Posta : where dad took mom in 1959. Red Enchiladas ~ Lemonade.
Snack : Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper ~ Toffee Almonds ~ Twizzlers Bites ~ Sunflower Seeds
Dinner @ Sonic : Corn Dog ~ Tator Tots

October 2, Saturday 2010
Day 22 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Butt, Back and Legs hurt.

Left hotel.
I'm extremely thirsty for Water. ???
I think I ate way too much Sweets. ???
Stayed overnight in Deming, New Mexico.
Not sure of the hotel.
NOT handicapped accessible for me.
Had to use a bottle crate and ended up straining my legs.

Forgot To Keep Track Of What I Ate!

October 1, Friday 2010
Day 21 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Butt,Back and Legs hurt.

Left the hotel.
Went to Pep Boys for a new Van Battery!
At Phoenix, Arizona, Fairfield Inn.
NOT handicapped accessible for me.
Had to use a bottle crate and ended up straining my legs.

Forgot To Keep Track Of What I Ate!

September 30, Thursday 2010
Day 20 of the trip!
I'm Here At California Adventures Today!
And again at Downtown Disney, but this time in California!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Butt hurts and Had a Migraine.
BOTH Legs are like Barrels, They are so swollen!
NO Diaretic, for I'm at A Theme park all day today.

We are staying at Hampton Inn in Van Nuys, California for a Day 2 and Night 3.
We had Van Problems.
We picked Gene Up.
First thing that went bad besides the van that is,
~was Gene exploded on Marcia with his Bi-Polar problems again.
Marcia, "ME" and Dad did not say one word, and He stopped.
Whew! Dad and I were scared.
Between 10:30am to 9:45pm : We were at Disney's California Adventures Theme Park!
~We Are HERE! Yeay!
The first place I wanted to go to was Downtown Disney World Of Disney store!
This is where I bought 4 t-shirts and 2 shotglasses and 1 Dvd Packset!
Then Dad and Gene went on Soarin.
They tried to get me on, "Gene" picked me up and tried to put me in the narrow high seat, that is.
~ That scared me when he did that.
While they were at Soarin, I went to the Fly Bye Store.
This is where I bought 2 hats and 1 Shotglass.
We went to eat, then we figured out we lost my souvineers!
Dad and Gene went to the Guest Relations office and FOUND my souvineers! WHEW!
Then dad, Gene and I shared a Frozen Lemonade.
And went to see "It's Tough To Be A Bug"!
Then afterwards, we went to see the show,Talking With Crush!
~ I had fun there!
We went to the CANDY Dz Store and I bought Pretzels, 1 cookie and some Chocolate Mints.
Dad bought some Taffy and Candy Corn.
While dad and Gene were on the Tower Of Terror, I went to the Tower of Terror Gift Store!
~There, I bought a Shotglass & a Magnet.
We went to the Off The Page Animation Store!
~there, Gene & I Saw an Imagineer draw and paint Tinkerbell.
~and I bought a Frame with animation on it.
~and the cashier helped me find 2 hidden mickeys in there ceiling. Cool!
While leaving we went to the Rushing Rivers Outfitters Store!
Dad got him a jacket and I got me a mug & a calender.
I watched the colorful fariswheel while Gene and dad went to ride on some more rides.
During this time, I was plugging in my chair for the 8th time.
Then we went to the Guest Relations to plug in my wheelchair one last time before leaving!
We Had Fun!
And YES, I did have to plug my Motor Wheelchair in at least 9 times today.
And Luckly my motor wheelchair made it to the hotel room. Relief!

Breakfast : Muffins ~ Yogurt ~ Banana ~ Milk ~ Hot Herbal Tea
Snack : Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. "Shared with Dad and Gene".
Lunch : BBQ Chicken Sandwich ~ Fries ~ Sprite
Snack : Peanut Butter Cookie
Dessert : Cookies N' Cream w/ Hot Fudge in a cup

September 29, Wednesday 2010
Day 19 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Butt, Back and Legs Hurt ~ Had a Migraine.
Both Legs are like Barrels, they are so swollen!

We are staying at Hampton Inn in Van Nuys, California for a Day 1 and Night 2.
We picked up Gene Gallatin.
We took him to Walmart to get him some medicine.
We took him to the hotel...
We showed him some pictures of the trip and the house.
Gene and I talked about him on Facebook, and his and my websites.
We saw the luxuary part of Las Angelas while going near the Galleria Mall.
We finally found Chili's Restuarant.
While getting lost at nighttime, we found Beverly Hills and Warner Bros and a Comic Bookstore.
Then we finally found City Walk mall.
Gene "a Used to be taxi driver" Kept getting us lost! ALL DAY & NIGHT LONG!
We made it in time for Pink's Hot Dogs.
~ In-which, was on the Man vs. Food TV Show.
Dad and I were not impressed with Pinks though,
I was very impressed at IFLY.
IFLY was a 2 or more persons flying in a windy vacume place ~
~ doing summersaults and flying about the place.

September 28, Tuesday 2010
Day 18 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Back and Legs hurt!
Both Legs are like Barrels, they are so swollen!
Phoned Olivia, Dr. Scanlan's RN. : My blood-work is stable.
~Return in one month for Blood-work checkup.

Woke up at 5am with pain.
Dad played pool with me, He won!
It was a great feeling to play pool with dad.
We left their house.
We got to the Hampton Inn in Van Nuys, California.
Gene Gallatin my brother, was in a hospital.
He was there for Bi-Polar Reasons.
He was to be released the next day.
We went and visited him in the hospital.
Dad and I agreed Gene Gallatin looked Freaky with no teeth & his sailer hat on & fake glasses on.
We had a good visit.

Breakfast : Milk ~ Banana’s ~ Pancakes ~ Hot Herbal Tea ~ Cinnamon Roll.
Snack : Root beer ~ Green Grapes
Lunch @ Anderson's German Restaurant : Split Pea Soup ~ Onion and Pumpernickel Bread ~ Choc Milkshake ~
~Choc Almond Laced Cookie.

September 27, Monday 2010
Day 17 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Back hurts.

Woke up at 5am because of pain.
Barbara gave dad and I a tour of their back and front yard.
They grow everything from Roses to Pumpkins, to Watermelon to Apples of 3 different kinds.
They grow everything from Carrots to Avacados to Cherry Tomatoes.
Then Mathew and I ~ Barbara and Dad went on a Hearst Castle Tour.
We first saw a movie.
Then Mathew and I went on the Handicapped Accessible tour.
And Barbara and Dad went on the Beginners Tour.
Then we all went to their gift store.
Afterwards we had a picnic on the ocean for lunch.
Then we went to see the Sea Lions.
We stayed at their house for night 2.

Breakfast : Cinnamon Rolls ~ Milk ~ 2 Bananas ~ Green Grapes ~ Watermelon ~ Hot Herbal Tea ~ Milk.
Lunch : as a picnic on the ocean : Pretzels ~ Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper ~ Almonds ~ 3 different kind of Apple Slices
~ Green Grapes ~ Watermelon ~ Sunchips.
Dinner : Barbara made a Cheese Dzchornio pizza & added Pepperoni & Black Olive/Green Olive Garlic
~ spread to it.
Dessert : Pepperidge Farm Variety Cookies.

September 26, Sunday 2010
Day 16 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : 126 YEPEE! Weight : 290 lbs.
Back Hurts.

Left at 10:19am Merced Hampton Inn.
We were running late.
In Monterey, California, at a London Bridge Pub....
......We took a picture of a sign that read :9 3/4 quarters Hogwarts Express!
I tried to talk them into letting me buy the sign. But they said NO! In a nice way.
We stayed at Paos Robeles, California, with Barbara and Mathew Bowden.
YES! They have a sofa couch for me that is my size.
YES! They have a rolling chair that I can use to get to the toilet.
Mathew and Barbara gave me a Nasa Shotglass ~
~to go along with my shotglass collection.
Mathew played pool with me, and he won.
Then Mathew played pool with dad and again, he won.
We watched "Amazing Race" together.

Breakfast : Yogurt ~ Muffins ~ Chochotlet ~ Milk
Snack: Choc Toffee Pistachios ~ Chochotlet ~ Oreos
Lunch:@ London Bridge Pub : Sweet & Spicy Pulled Pork ~ Coleslaw ~ Pink Lemonade
Snack : Marzipan ~ Milk
Dinner : Pot Roast ~ Red Cabbage ~ Carrots ~ Potatoes ~ Brussels Sprouts ~ Herbal Ice Tea
Dessert : Celebrated dad's birthday with Cake and Ice Cream.

September 25, Saturday 2010
Day 15 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Butt and Back Hurts.

Left Hilton Garden Inn.
Went to Yosemite National Park.
We saw the Bridal Waterfall and where people climb on Mountains.
Went to Yosemite Village Grill and Store.
Stayed at Hampton Inn in Merced, California.
YES! The Beds Were My Size!
YES! The Toilets Were My Size!
YES! The Showers Were Accessible For Me!
YES! VERY Spacious!
LIKE a 2nd HOME! and Dad agreed!

Breakfast @ Hilton : Yogurt ~ Croissant ~ Watermelon ~ Honeydew ~ Strawberries ~ Chochotlet ~ Milk
Snack : FUSE Blueberry & Strawberry ~ Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper ~ Peppermint ~ Potato Chips
Lunch @ Yosemite Village Grill : Pesto Chicken On Callibitti Bread ~ Sweet Potato Fries ~ Cherry Pepsi
Snack : Toffee Chocolate Pistachios
Dinner : @Branding Iron :
Vegitable Lasagna ~ Red Grapes ~ Raspberry Sorbet ~ Pink Lemonade ~ Water ~Choc Mint Boat

September 24, Friday 2010
Day 14 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Butt and Back Hurts ~ Had a Migraine.

We went to the Ghiredelli Square Mall.
We went to the Ghiredelli Ice Cream Parlor and watched the Chocolate Demonstration.
We ate Ice Cream there, I had the Gold Rush! Yummy!
I bought a Trolley Car of Ghiredelli Chocolates.
I also bought a Ghiredelli Cookbook.
They introduced me to the Pumkin Spice Ghiredelli Chocolate Mint. YUM!
Stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, In San Francisco, California.
YES! The Beds Were My Size!
YES! The Toilets Were My Size!
YES! The Showers Were Accessible For Me!
YES! VERY Spacious!
LIKE HOME! and Dad agreed!

Breakfast : @ Hilton :
~Chochotlet ~ OJ ~ Honeydew ~ Pineapple ~Watermelon ~Pancakes ~ Sausage Patties ~ Yogurt ~ Water
At Ghiradelli Square Mall : Ice-Cream Parlor w/ a Ghiradelli Choc Demonstration.
Snack : Pumpkin Ghiradelli Mint.
Lunch :@Ghiradelli Ice Cream Parlor : Ghiradelli Gold Rush

September 23, Thursday 2010
Day 13 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Butt and Legs hurt.

At 10am Left Sacramento, California Radissons Inn.
Had to have Blood-work at Quest Diagnosis Clinic.
We went to the Gallatin's House Governor's House.
I went to the Garden and Gift store, while dad took the tour upstairs.
Funny, I in a motor wheelchair, Don't do Stairs. LOL.
At 5pm we were on the San Francisco Bay Bridge!
We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, In San Francisco, California.
YES! The Beds Were My Size!
YES! The Toilets Were My Size!
YES! The Showers Were Accessible For Me!
YES! VERY Spacious!
LIKE HOME! and Dad agreed!

Breakfast : Chochotlet ~ Strawberry Waffle ~ Chantilli Cream
Snack : Nerds on a rope ~ FUZE Banana Colada ~ Mounds
Lunch @ Sampino's Italian Restaurant Towne Foods :
~Turkey Minestrone Soup ~ Meatball Sandwich ~ Orange Soda ~ Biscotti ~ Choc Chip Cookie
Snack : Propel
Dinner : @ Hilton: Chicken Tenders ~ Fries ~ Ginger Ale ~ Water

September 22, Wednesday 2010Day 12 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Back Hurts.

At Sacramento,California, A Radisson Inn.
NOT handicapped accessible for me.
Had to use a bottle crate and ended up straining my legs.

Breakfast : Muffins ~ Passion Fruit ~ Milk
Snack : ChickO'Stick ~ Potato Chips ~ Root beer ~ Marzipan ~ Dried Fruit
Lunch : In Melford, Oregon @ Wendy's : Chipotole Chicken ~ Oreo Twisted

September 21, Tuesday 2010
Day 11 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Tingling Butt ~ Back Hurts.

Left the hotel.
Made contact with Tausha Broadbent.
At 4:15pm to 5:45pm we were with Tom Bowden and Garth his son.
In Salem, Oregon at a La Quinta Inn.
NOT handicapped accessible for me.
Had to use a bottle crate and ended up straining my legs.

Breakfast : Yogurts and 2%Milk
Lunch @ Paneer Bread :
Potato Soup ~ Sierra Turkey Sandwich ~ Pumpkin Muffin ~ Potato Chips ~ Dr. Pepper

September 20, Monday 2010
Day 10 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
"Payed more attention to dad's van then to my health"

Canada Tire for dad's van had Major Work done on it.
When the van was fixed. We wanted to see the botanical gardens......
....But the van took so long, so we ended up going to Stanley park.
....There we saw Todem Polls.
Stayed at the Red Lion Inn in Tacoma, Washington.
NOT handicapped accessible for me.
Had to use a bottle crate and ended up straining my legs.

Breakfast @ White Spot : Strawberries and Whipped Crème French Toast ~ Milk .
Snack : Chochotlet ~ Water
Lunch @ Save Foods Deli : Cajun Samosa ~ Vienna Coleslaw ~ FUZE Strawberry Melon Drink
Snack : Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich.
Dinner : Pepperoni , Black Olive Pizza ~ Root beer

September 19, Sunday 2010
Day 9 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Right and Left Knee Hurt.

At 8:30am we left the Hampton Inn, Seattle, Washington.
We got to the Canada Border Visitor Centre!
We exchanged $50.00 for $48.75. ????
Then we had to go to Canada Tire for we had Major Problems with our van.
We stayed at at Best Western Hotel, in-which was in a very sleezy neighborhood.
YES! The Beds were my size!
YES! The Hotel Resturant "White Spot" was great!

Breakfast : 2 Yogurts "Yami Brand" ~ 1Lemon Danish ~ Chochotlet ~ 2%Milk
Snack : Marzipan
Lunch In Gaston Canada : Steamworks Brewlry Pub : Cheese Tortinelli and Lemonade.
Dinner @ The White Spot : Bishop Curry : Curry Chicken w/ Mango Chutney and Jasmine Rice.
And The Dinner Was Good!

September 18, Saturday 2010
Day 8 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Tingling in the butt.

Day 1 and Night 2 At Hampton Inn in Seattle, Washington.
We Celerbrated Dad's Birthday One Day Early at IVER"S !
I spent on Dad's and my lunch $50.00.
When we were going to the parking lot, my wheelchair stopped working!
We were in the middle of the street!
Someone came to help us.
When we got to the van, I said, did the plug come undone.
And that is all it was. So he plugged it back in and NO PROBLEM AFTERWARDS!
Then we went to Barnes' and Noble Bookstore.
Then we went to The Space Needle and went up and saw Mt. Baker.
Then we drove near the Pikes Place Market.
~ We didn't stop, for there were no parking spaces NOT ON A HILL.
Then we went to Chinatown.

Breakfast : Yogurt ~ Muffin ~ Chochotlet ~ Propel ~ Honeydew
Snack : Apple ~ Tea
Lunch : Chicken ~ Green Beans ~ Yukon Potatoes ~ German Chocolate Moose.
Dinner : Aztec Mexican Restaurant :on dad :
~Cheese Enchiladas ~ Rice ~ Beans ~ Tostadas ~ Water ~ Tortillas ~ Walnut Fudge

September 17, Friday 2010
Day 7 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Hip and Left Leg hurt ~ Bright Red Fishers.
Dad says I have 3 quarter size bruises where my wheelchair hit my thighs.

Woke up at 2:30am because of pain and stayed awake.
It is 4:42am, I feel sorry for dad, for he has an 8 hour drive to Seattle today.
At 8:25am we left Boise Idaho, Fairfield Inn.
Got to Hampton Inn, in Seattle, Washington!
YES! The Beds are my size!

Breakfast : Water ~ Blueberry Muffin ~ Yogurt ~ Hot Herbal Tea ~ 2%Milk
Snack : Marzipan.
Lunch : @ Olive Garden in Yakima, Washington on Dad :
~Dad and I agreed that this was the best meal of the trip other than La Posta !
~Soup ~ Salad ~ Garlic Bread ~ Water.
Snack : Root beer
Dinner @ Mayflower Chinese Restaurant :
Hunan Chicken ~ Rice ~ BBQ Pork ~ 2 Egg rolls ~ Milk ~ Water.

September 16, Thursday 2010
Day 6 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Spasms in Left side ~ Bright Red Fishers.

Left Layton, Utah, Fairfield Inn at 7:25am.
Left Twin Falls, Utah at 12:45noon.
At 2:45pm we got to Boise Idaho, Fairfield Inn.
YES! The Beds are my size!
Man~Woman, Idaho is one BORING PLACE To Live In.

Breakfast : Blueberry Muffins ~ Yogurt ~ 2%Milk ~ Apple Juice
Snack : Taffy ~ Marzipan ~ 5th Avenue Candy Bar
Lunch @ Subway : Chicken Teriyaki on Flatbread w/ Black Olives and Cheese and Onion Sauce.
Snack : Root beer.
Dinner: Quinns : "A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!!!!!!!" : An Artichoke "not cooked/not ripe"
~ Chicken Blackened Breast on Walnut Vinaigrette Salad ~ Baked Potato.

September 15, Wednesday 2010
Day 5 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Spasms in Left Side ~ Had a Migraine.

Left Fairfield Inn, in Provo Utah at 9:10am.
In Salt Lake City We went to the following places:
Trolly Station Mall
Trolly Taffy Station : Fudge ~ Salt Water Taffy ~ Drk. Choc Marzipan ~ Carmels
Tabula Rosa : This is where I bought a Pewter Pen.
LDS : Family Visting Center and the Christist.
The Christist is a statue of the Lord Jesus Christ,
~and it is surounded by stars like atmosphere.
LDS : Family History Center.
LDS : Tabernacle where they have the organ and pipes.
Stayed at Layton, Utah, Fairfield Inn.
YES! The beds are my size!

Breakfast : Chochotlet ~ 2%Milk ~ Yogurt ~ Apple Juice ~ Danish
Lunch @ Old Spaghetti Factory : Angel Hair Marinara ~ Cream Of Broccoli Soup ~ Strawberry Lemonade
Snack : Carmel’s ~ Taffy ~ Fudge
Dinner @ Cracker Barrel : Stew ~ Stewart Orange Creame Soda

September 14, Tuesday 2010
Day 4 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Tingling in butt ~ Had a Migraine.

Left Mohab Valley Inn @ 7:46am.
Along the way of our trip so far,
~we have seen : A Wild Boar ~ A Tit Mouse ~ A Jack Rabbit
~ Sheep ~ Horses and Minature Horses.
From 1:30 to 4:10pm we were at the Meania's Log Cabin House.
They built a Long Sturdy Wood Ramp just because they knew we were comming.
At 7:38pm we got to the Fairfield Inn, in Provo, Utah.
The beds were a little bit high for me????

Breakfast : Apple Juice ~ 2%Milk ~ English Muffin ~ Pineapple ~ Herbal Hot Tea
Snack : Beef Jerky ~ Big Red ~ Cookies
Lunch : Sweet & Sour Chicken ~ Noodles ~ Rice ~ Chowmein ~ Vegt Spring Roll ~ Peach Tea
Dinner : @ Arby's : Roast beef Sandwich ~ Curly Fries ~ Strawberry Banana Shake.

September 13, Monday 2010
Day 3 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Tingling in butt ~ Had a Migraine.

Left Fairfield Inn Marriot @ 8:15am.
Spent night at Mohab Valley Inn.
YES! The Beds are my size!

Breakfast : OJ ~ Waffle ~ Yogurt ~ Chochotlet
Snack : Ruffles ~ Big Red ~ Diet Root beer
Lunch @ Roadside Restaurant on Dad : Chicken Noodle Soup ~ Milk
Dinner @Pasta Jays for : Cheese Tortellini ~ Water

September 12, Sunday 2010
Day 2 of the trip!
Blood Sugar : Weight : 290 lbs.
Tingling and burning in butt.

Woke up @ 2:30am for I was in pain and could not sleep.
We left @ 3:45am while it was still dark.
We had lunch @ La Posta, in Mesilla of Los Cruses, New Mexico.
My dad had taken my mom to eat there in 1959.
We stayed at Fairfield Inn, Marriot in Alberqurque, New Mexico.
YES! The Beds are my size!

Breakfast : Ruffles ~ Big Red ~ Water ~ Doughnuts ~ Choc Milk.
Lunch : @ La Posta in Mesilla, in Las Cruises, New Mexico :
~a Mexican restaurant where my dad first took my mom in 1959.
~Red Enchiladas ~ Rice ~ Beans ~ Milk.
Snack : Beef Jerky ~ Root beer ~ Watermelon Slush
Dinner : Applebee’s' : Blackened Chicken Broccoli Alfredo ~ Strawberry Lemonade ~ Chocolate Moose Shooter.

September 11, Saturday 2010
Day 1 of The Seattle, Washington / Vancouver, Canada Trip!
Blood Sugar : 153 Yikes! Weight : 290 lbs.
Before this trip, I had shots in my back to help the pain in my butt stop hurting as much.
Tingling In Butt ~ Spasms in Arms and Left Side ~ Nausia.

I Have my Passport ~And I have $712.25 w/me that I saved up ~
I Have Manual and Blue Motor Wheelchair for just incase reasons ~
Have Bipap machine and luggage.

Left house at 8am Sharp!
At 4pm Got to Ft. Davis, Indian Lodge!
The lodge is a rustic look!
I can picture settlers in the early ages living there.
YES! The Beds are my size!
Crashed in bed at 7pm.
Breakfast : Einstein’s Bagels : Pretzel Bagel w/ Garlic Herb ~ Chochotlet
Snack : Beef Jerky ~ Cookies ~ Big Red
At 11:30 : Picnic for Lunch : Turkey Sandwiches ~ Pizza ~ Black Olives
Snack : Candy ~ Ruffles ~ Big Red ~ Water
At 4pm Got to Ft. Davis Indian Lodge !
Indian Lodge for Dinner : Vegetable Lasagna ~ Choc Milk ~ Garlic Bread ~ Cottage Cheese ~ Peaches

October 10, 2009: Day FIFTHTEENTH! ~We're Home!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.
“Free” Continental Breakfast :
Breakfast: 2 Muffins ~ Fruit ~ Yogurt ~ Chochotlet

Left @ 7:18am @ the Hampton Inn, in Oaklahoma City, Oaklahoma.

At 10:03 : We were at the Texas Border Visitor Center.
A little high in toilets, but the rails were ok.
I saw a Blue Jay fly in front of me!
Vermont is something to brag about, not Texas.

Snack : Pepsi ~ Dorritos

At 12noon, went to Rebecca Palmer’s house in Coppell Texas.
Rebecca Palmer was in San Antonio. Go Figure!
Lunch at Coppell Texas “ Uncle Tais” Chinese food.
Lunch : Curry Chicken ~ Peppered Rice ~ Eggroll and Water.
That meal was Really Good Too!

We passed a lot of Yellow flowers from Hillsboro, Texas to San Antonio, Texas.
Arrived home @ 5:45pm!
My legs were sore and swollen. My back was sore.
At least my blood sugar was back to normal when I got home. It is in the 126 to 98's.

October 9, 2009: Day FOURTEEN!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.

I woke up @ 5:45am.
After fully waking up ,
I got on line, and showed Espy my Land Of Cuddles website,
~then I read my emails again.

Breakfast @ the Perryman’s was :
Bagel and Grape Jelly ~ Egg Cassorole ~ Orange Juice ~ Milk.
Left the Perryman’s @ I forgot what time it was.

Got lost, and then found the National Cowboy Hall Of Fame.
Took a looksy around the museum,
Then we went to the giftstore, and bought :
~3 chocolate meltaways mints

I also bought:
1 Cowboy Choc Bar ~ 2 Bookmark Magnets ~ A Dream Catcher Magnet ~ 2 coloring books .

Snack: ½ a chocolate bar.

After getting lost,
~we finally found @ 3:30pm Hampton Inn , in Oaklahoma City, Oaklahoma.
We need a good nights’ rest again.

Paneera Bread for Dinner:
Dinner : Turkey Sierra ~ Broccolli and Chedder Soup ~
Peach Melba Drink ~ Macadamia Nut Blonde’

October 8, 2009: Day THIRTEEN!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.

“Free” Breakfast @ Best Western Hotel in Dale, Indiana.
Breakfast : 2 Doughnuts ~ Waffles ~ Orange Juice ~ 2%Milk ~ Chochotlet
Left @ 7:45 am.

Went into St. Louis, Missouri and saw the Arch from a distance.
Snack : Yoohoo ~ Twizzler Bites ~ Doritos ~ Common Crackers.

Mobile Service Station for lunch.
Lunch : Sweet Onion Potato Chips ~ Turkey /Swiss ~ Coke Icee

At 4:45pm We got to Robert and Espy Perryman’s house.
They are friends of ours.
Dad’s close bud Is Robert. My close bud is Espy.

Dinner : Green Bean Cassorole ~ Roast Beef ~ Carrots ~ Potatos ~ and Milk.

Espy got me online to see my emails.
Then when in bed, she and I watched : “Land Before Time VI”.

October 7, 2009: Day TWELVE!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.

Paid for Holiday Inn Breakfast with a $20.00 discount off the price first.
The table had 2 real pink roses. On each and every table. Wow!
Breakfast : Orange Juice ~ Chochotlet w/Whipped Cream ~ Blueberry Pancakes & syrup.

At 8:15am Left the Holiday Inn In Fairmont West Virginia.

In Clarksville, Virginia, there were no more colorful trees. BUMMER!

Snack: Doritos ~ Gummy Lifesavers ~ Gingerale

We had to get an Oil Lube Job along the way, they even vacuumed the van.
How Cool Is That!

Found a Pizza Hut.
Lunch : Pepsi and ½ a pizza.

Got lost in Lexington Kentucky.

Snack: Yoohoo.

At 8:48 pm we found a Best Western in Dale, Indiana.
It was excellent physical accessibility for me.

We ate a Dennys for Dinner.
Dinner : Zizzlin Chicken Fajitas ~ Orange Juice Strawberry Mango Fusion Drink
~and ½ a Carmel Apple Crisp.

October 6, 2009: Day ELEVEN!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.

Ate a “Free” Continental Breakfast at West Seneca, New York, Hampton Inn.
Breakfast : A Danish ~ Bannana Nut Muffin ~ Yogurt ~ 2%Milk ~ Orange Juice ~ Chochotlet
Left Hampton @ 8:30am.

Snack: Pringles ~ Twizzler Bites

In Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, We ate @ the Famous “Purmantis Sandwiches”
Lunch: Cheese Steak w/Coleslaw and Fries INSIDE The sandwich.
“Go Figure!”

We went to or actually dad went to the Gallatin House.
He got a lot of souvenirs.
We had no reservations again, kept getting lost,
~we finally found a Holiday Inn, In Fairmount West Virginia.
They said that they were Wheelchair Accessible,
But the Bed was WAY TOO HIGH!!!!
Dad and I strained to get me on the bed.
Mainly dad strained his back.
Man, do I feel for him.

October 5, 2009: Day TEN!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.

Free breakfast @ Boston, MA Hampton Inn.
Breakfast: Muffin ~ Apple Danish ~ Yogurt ~ 2%milk ~ Chochotlet

Left Boston, MA Hampton Inn @ 8:32am.
Gulf Service Plaza : bathroom and Snacks
Snack: Ben & Jerry’s Choc Fudge Chunk ~ Aunt Annies Pretzil

Mobile Plaza in New York State : Bathroom and Visitor Center and Lunch.

Snack : Common Crackers ~ Pringles
Lunch: 1 slice of Pizza ~ 1 %milk ~ ½ a Peanut Butter Crunch Bar ~ Twizzler Bites

At 7pm Palmyra, New York: Joseph Smith Sacred Grove
I rode a scooter on a nature walk.
Remind me never to get a scooter.
Too scarey.
We got to a Moble Service Station,
And we ate dinner @ Checkers/Rally’s.
Dinner: Spicy Chicken Sandwich ~ Fries ~ Bannana Milk Shake

At 8:45 got to : West Seneca, New York, Hampton Inn.

October 4, 2009: Day NINE!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.

Free breakfast @ Boston, MA Hampton Inn.
Breakfast : Chochotlet ~ Orange Juice ~
½ a bagel w/ Egg/Bacon/Cheese on it ~ Apple Danish

After getting lost a few times,
~we managed to see the Constitution Ship.
And we rode the Old Town Trolley Tour.
We saw movies being made that had Tom Cruise in it.
We saw were the Boston Strangler stayed at a motel.
We saw the Omni Hotel where they have claimed to have ghost there.
And they claim to be the place that made the first Boston Cream Pie in the Omni Hotel.
Then while we got lost,
~we finally found the Gallatin Hall in Harvard University.
It was Impressive.
I went to the Gift store in the Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.
There I bought : A Museum Catalog ~ A Blue Wave Print Magnet,
~and a mug that has MFA Boston on it.
I told dad, since he let me go to the MFA,
~that I would let him go to Leagal Seafood for Dinner.
Dinner: Gaspacho soup ~ Coleslaw ~ ½ a Boston Cream Pie.

October 3, 2009: Day EIGHT!
Day ½ of five in VERMONT!!!!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.

At 8:12 Free Continental Breakfast @ Colchester , Vt Hampton Inn.
Breakfast : Orange Juice ~ Chochotlet ~ Saugage Pattie ~ Muffin ~ Yogurt

Left Colchester, Vt Hampton Inn @ 9:36am.
Went back to Cold Hollow Cider Mill,
Dad went in and got some more Cider and Cheese and this time Cider Doughnuts.

Snack : Cider Doughnuts …Can you Say YUM!!!

We went to a Vermont Rest Stop.
Wow! 2 levels of rails in the bathroom stall.
And the Toilet was my level and sink was too!
At 3:45pm we arrived at the Boston, MA Hampton Inn.
We had Lunch again at 99 Resturant.
Lunch : Balsamac Chicken ~ Rice ~ Carrots ~ Popcorn
~Strawberry Lemonade ~ ½ of a Choc. Molted Lava Cake.

We turned in early for we were exhausted.
I had to say extra prayers for dad ,
~for his neck and back was starting to hurt.
My back was also hurting when I woke up.
We needed a full nights rest.
Plus dad had to do laundry.

October 2, 2009: Day SEVEN!
Day four in VERMONT!!!!!
The low today is 40 and the high today is 56. Yikes!
Blood Sugar : 140 Weight :
In my Manual Wheelchair.

At 7:53am Free Continental Breakfast @ Rutland, Vt. Hampton Inn.
Breakfast : Orange Juice ~ Chochotlet ~ Cherry Strudel
~ Yogurt ~ Saugage Patty ~ Poppyseed Cake ~ Bannana Muffin

At 10:12am Joseph Smith Birth place, In Vt.
It was Impressive.
I was interested in the wife and the children that they had, 2 were adopted.
At 12:15am after we took a wrong turn that is. LOL , in Norfield, Vt.
At Norwick University, we met up with “Jonathan Sherbatskoy, my cousin’s husband.”
Wow what a big change! In looks.
Got to see where he works and what he works at.
Met with his boss.
Met and got my picture taken with the President of the school.
Saw the officers, walk in squares and on the side of the sidewalk,
~while making quick sharp turns.

Had Lunch with Jon @ the university.
Lunch: Cold Hollow Apple Cider ~ Grilled Chicken Sandwich ~ Fries & Buffalo Sauce.

While trying to find Ben & Jerry’s/Cold Hollow Cider Mill, we sort-of got lost, LOL.
Dad and I took a tour of Ben & Jerrys’,
~then I bought a t=shirt and a jigger and dad got me a pin.
The sample of ice cream we tried was : Oatmeal Choc Chunk. Can You Say YUM!!!!!
It was YumDeliumpscious!
I wanted to have Marzipan Mission,
~but dad didn’t want to wait in line.
And the guard said, that they that day had 5 buses of persons there. Wow!
Then dad and I went to Cold Hollow Cider Mill & got some free Apple Cider,
We saw them clean the press.
And I bought some Apple Cider ~ Chedder Cheese & Spiced Apple Butter & Chedder Common Crackers.
Dad got me a Cold Hollow pin.

And I got a new Catalog!

Snack: Cider ~ Beef Jerky ~ 2 Oreo Cookies

We got to Colhester, Vt. Hampton Inn, Near Burlington,
~after we got lost that is.
When we got there,
Jonathan Scherbatskoy called and met up with us with his 3 daughters, “ Genoa, Rena, and Emmy Scherbatskoy”.
Genoa Scherbatskoy and I hit it off great like we did when she came to visit Pearrin.
We shared our Cider and Cheese with them.
We then went to The T-Bone Restaurant next door to the Hampton for dinner.
Dinner: Cajun Chicken Alfredo ~ Lemonade.
All 3 of the girls especially Rena look like Meg, Wow!!!
All 3 of the girls love to draw, just like Meg.
Rena and Emmy like making braids and did in front of us.
Rena does Cross Stitch too like me.
How cool is that!!!
They said, we should have tried the Cider Doughnuts.

October 1, 2009: Day SIX!
Day three in VERMONT!!!!
It is 44 degrees here! Yikes!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Blue Motor Wheelchair.
PLUS I had my manual wheelchair, just incase.
AND I needed it!

At 7:40am Free Continental Breakfast @ Rutland, Vt Hampton Inn.
Breakfast: Muffin ~ Bannana ~ Yogurt ~ Poppyseed Cake ~ Orange Juice ~ Chochotlet

Left Hampton Inn @ 8:26am.
Stopped at Mondale Orchids for a Walnut Maple Pie for Grandmother.
Grandmother Louise Denham wanted an Apple Pie, but they were sold out.
Then Dad and I @ 9:45am got to the Billings Farm and Rockefellor Mansion & Museum.
We met with “Meg Scherbatskoy, my cousin”. Boy has she grown up!
We reminisced about Texas Folklife Festival & the Blue Hole in Wimberly with my wheelchair.
We spoke about her children.
I got to learn what she and her family do in Vermont as far as maple ~ snow ~ tools go.
This was while we were looking at the different items in the museum.
She even uses snow shoes. Wow!
We petted a calf and I got my fingers licked by a calf.
We saw cows milking. And we saw a horse.
Then we took a tour of the Rockefellor Mansion.
Wow what great Archetecture and Wood work that house has.
And the Stainglass was pretty too!
I bought at the Gift museum store:
A Vermont puzzle ~ Common Crackers ~ a magnet of Woodstock with Cows on it.
Then we met with “Harriet Worrell, my aunt” @ Danna’s Resturant for Lunch.
My, Harriet Worrell is getting more mature in her looks, that is great by the way.
This is where my motor wheelchair decided not to behave itself.
It had other plans, with a mind of it’s own.
Luckly, we had my manual wheelchair to have as a spare on this trip.
Plus, we have the manual, until we fix the motor wheelchair.
And to use my manual in my house still, like usual.

Lunch: “Above The Fruited Plan Turkey” : Greens ~ Pecans ~ Oranges ~ Strawberries ~
Turkey ~ Lemonade ~ Whoopie Pie.

I saw Meg Scherbatskoy use her Blood Sugar Meter.
I wanted to compare her count with mine, but all she said was,
“It depends on what time it is when I take it.”
So I dropped the subject.
And like Dr. Smith not finishing his desserts, either did Meg.
But I did! ~ And it was good!
I found out why Harriet Worrell is not at home most of the time,
~for she has more plays then you can shake a stick at. “Metophorly Speaking”.
Harriet Worrell has a play this Friday.
Harriet Worrell and Meg Scherbatskoy like Circus D’ Le Rea & Disney World.

Dad and I popped me up a step in my manual wheelchair,
~and went inside a Bridgewater Corners General Store in Bridgewater, Vt.
We bought 2 mugs and a Beannie Moose inside a Vermont t=shirt,
~and a Drk Chocolate Lake Champlain bar.

Then Grandmother Denham took dad & I out to a Resturant in Worcestor, Vt.
Called the East Ender Restaurant.

Dinner: Roll ~ Butternut Squash Soup ~ Butternut Squash Ravioli ~ Chocolate Truffle
We paid for her this time.
Then when we took her home, I got to see “My uncle Chuck”.
We talked about what we did in Vermont so far.
And we talked about him working with football coming this Friday.
We talked about ~ reminiscing about He and I in Vermont,
~when I was 24. At the Simon Peirce location,
~and at the Billings location with churning Buttermilk.
Chuck Worrell my uncle, explained how, we might not be able to see Temple in Boston,
~because of his schooling.

September 30: Day FIVE!
Day two in VERMONT!!!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Blue Motor Wheelchair.

At 8am Free Continental Breakfast @ Rutland, Vt Hampton Inn.
Breakfast : Bisquits and Gravy ~ Chochotlet ~ Yogurt ~ Orange Juice.
Note: Vermont Orange Juice “Everywhere is too watered down and too sharp tasted”.
A Disappointment.

Left hotel at 8:51am.
Went to pick up “Grandmother Louise Denham“.
Grandmother Louise Denham is still looking young as ever. “at least to me she is”.
I question her with the Stairs to the Worrells house though.
The Stairs look dangerous, especially that top one. That is a dooser.
I picture them being very slippery when it is icy weather.
While dad & I dropped Grandmother Denham off to her doctors office,
Dad & I went Window Shopping in Woodstock, Vt.
We actually bought 2 books too! Both for me, “The Best Of Vermont”
And “Zodiacs and Birthdays”.
During the day, my motor wheelchair was not with enough juice.
We saw a covered bridge.
And the Trees are AWESOME HERE! Cherry Red, Spiced Orange, Pacman Yellow and WOW!!!
Now I see why people flock here to see it.
Me, I came for the Pumpkins and For Grandmother and for my Mom’ side of the family!!!
I had to plug my wheelchair into the doctors office wall, while waiting for Grandmother.
We ate at Simon Peirce in Queeche, Vt. & saw their glasswork.
Bummer, I still didn’t get to see them making the glasswork though.

Lunch: Butternut Squash Bisque Soup ~ Sesame Seared Chicken ~
Scones bread and Nut Wheat bread ~ Water.

Then we saw the Gorge then went to New Hampshire,
~and we saw a Pumpkin Farm with Sunflowers and different kinds of Gourds plus,
~and 3 different kinds of raspberries & 12 different kinds of apples & blueberries.
It was a really cool looking farm!
I spoke with “Perrin Worrell, my cousin”, on the phone, while I was in Vermont.
Everywhere in Vermont, that I went, had houses decorated with pumpkins for October 31st coming up!
It was great to see.
We went to New Hampshires’ Darkmouth Hospital to look at it.
And Grandmother Denham introduced me to the insides corridor of the hospital.
I was very impressed.
Plus online, I did my research of the hospital.
It has a hyperbaric chamber which is good, but no wound care center,
~ in-which, I would need. That is a bummer!
Afterwards, we let Grandmother Denham get back to the house,
~for I think we wore her out.
But she didn’t say she was tired though, and I did ask her.

When Dad and I drove back to Rutland,
~we ate dinner again at 99 resturant.
We like it so much, I guess.
Dinner: Strawberry Lemonade ~ Chicken with Ziti and Broccolli ~ 3 Petitie Desserts :
First: Chocolate Parfait
Second: Apple Crisp
Third: Carmel Fruit

September 29, 2009: Day FOUR!
Day one in VERMONT!!!!
Blood Sugar : Weight :
In my Blue Motor Wheelchair.

Free Continental Breakfast at Comfort Inn in Mechanics Burg, near HarrisBurg, Virginia.
Breakfast: 4 mini muffins ~ Orange Juice ~ ½ a Waffle
Left Comfort Inn @ 7:49am.

When we hit PineGrove, Virginia,
The Leaves of the trees started the pretty colors of red, orange, yellow and tan.
We got to New York State Visitor Center @ 11:25 am.

I was very impressed here, They had every kind of vending machine you can imagine.
Ice Cream Vending machines ~ Snacks ~ Hot Tea/Chochotlet/Coffee ~ Hot Sandwiches/Hot Dogs/Hamburgers

Snack: Reases Cup Ice Cream Bar

At 4:30pm dad & I Got to “Big Moose Deli & Country General Store”, in Kooskook Vermont.
We bought “Mike Roth, a friend”, a Moose KeyChain.

Lunch: at Big Moose Deli & Country General Store : ½ a Pulled Pork Sub

Snack: 1and a ½ cookies ~ Beef Jerky ~ Diet Dr. Pepper

Arrived in Rutland, Vermont Hampton Inn @ 5pm. Yahoo!!!!!!!
The restrooms were my size,
~plus the bench in the shower, was my size and with a hand shower too!
The bed was my size and they had a microwave, refrigerator & a hair dryer.
They had a heated pool. And had a business center, with an ATM machine.
Everything was excellent and we stayed here for 3 nights and 4 days.
Plus the breakfast was free.

We ate dinner at 99 Resturant. It is like a Red Robin & a Chilis rolled up into 1 resturant.
Dinner: Popcorn ~ Balsamic Chicken ~ Rice Pilaf ~ Carrots ~
Strawberry Lemonade, ½ a Chocolate Molted Lava Cake with Vannilla Bean Ice Cream.

September 28, 2009: Day THREE!
Blood Sugar : 156 yikes! Weight :
In my Blue Motor Wheelchair.

At Knoxville, Tennessee at The Hampton Inn Hotel we had a Free Continental Breakfast
Breakfast : Chocolate Muffin ~ Apple Danish ~ Yogurt ~ Chochotlet
They also had a Breakfast to go bag, we got 2 of them.
INSIDE IT : Breakfast bar ~ Muffin ~ an Apple ~ Water ~ Mints
Left @ 8:10am

Snack: Beef Jerky ~ Mints ~ Breakfast Bar ~ Water ~ ½ a Big Red

Hit Virginia @ 10:19 am Hit Salem Virginia at 1:27pm
Lunch @ Hardies :
Chicken Filet Sandwhich ~ Onion Rings ~ Vannilla Malt

Snack @ Dairy Queen at 4:47pm : Choc Dipped Cup ~ ½ a Diet Big Red

At 9:37 after getting lost at nighttime.
We stayed at a Comfort Inn in Mechanics Burg, HarrisBurg, Virginia.
Dad and I were exhausted and disappointed.

September 27: Day TWO!
Blood Sugar : 135 Yikes! Weight :
In my Blue Motor Wheelchair.

Paid for a Continental Breakfast @ the Double Tree Hotel
Plus bought 4 cookies but they didn’t charge us for it.
How Cool is that!
To Order a tin of cookies:

Breakfast : Fruit ~ Yogurt ~ Cereal ~ 2%milk ~ Chochotlet ~ Orange Juice
Left Double Tree Hotel @ 8:20am

Snack: Chocolate Chip Doubletree Cookies.

Hit Memphis Tennessee @ 10:51am.
Passed St. Judes’ Children’s Hospital along the way.

Had Shoney’s for lunch @ 12 :57noon.
Lunch: Strawberry Lemonade ~ Macaroni and Cheese ~ Potato Soup ~
Cantaloupe ~ Pineapple ~ Peaches ~ Cottage Cheese.
Shoney’s was a disappointment to me and to dad too.
Left @ 1:51 pm.
Left Nashville @ 4pm.
Snack: Mounds candy bar ~ Diet Dr. Pepper

Got to Knoxville, Tennessee @ the Hampton Inn Hotel @ 8pm.
Ate @ Cracker Barrel for Dinner.
Dinner: Orange Soda ~ Stew ~ Macaroni And Cheese ~ Sweet Potatos ~
BlackBerry Cobbler with Vannila Bean Ice Cream.

September 26, 2009: Day ONE! : VERMONT TRIP!
Blood Sugar : 118 Yepee ! Weight :
In my Blue Motor Wheelchair.
Brought my manual one for just in case reasons.

Left home at 7:40am/ left 1604 at 8am.
Breakfast : Nutri Grain bar
Snack : Beef Jerky ~ 1%milk ~ Cranberry Grape Juice
Took the toll way to Georgetown.
Saw yellow flowers along the way.

At 12noon we had lunch at Green Bean Resturant with Liz Darnall “a Cousin”.

Lunch : Lemonade ~ Macaroni and Cheese ~ Carrots ~ Yellow Squash ~ Coleslaw.
Liz Darnall made some Icebox Pecan Cookies for us to take with us.
I held a grey and white kitten that had claws.
And held a tan kitten that was a gentle as Naci was.
I loved the tan one the best.

Snack : ½ a Big Red ~ Gum ~ Pretzel ~ Beef Jerky.

We arrived at Texarkana : Arkansas Welcome Center @ 4:49pm.
The bathrooms were excellent and even had Purple Lavatories.
I know “Rebecca Palmer, a friend“, would have loved it!
We got lost trying to find our hotel in Little Rock.
But we found it finally. Relief!
7pm Little Rock Doubletree Hotel.
Reservations @ a Doubletree Hotel anywhere:

We drove to the resturant up the street .
Dad had to find a parking space,
but finally decided to drop me off at the resturant to wait for him to park the vehicle.
I was praying that my wheelchair would go up the steep hill/ramp to the resturant
for I was on yellow and not green bars on my motor wheelchair.

Bosco Resturant for Dinner :
Dinner: French Bread ~ ½ Pizza ~ Water
It was a Way too expensive resturant.
Had to plug my wheelchair in.

July 9th, Thursday, 2009:
Blood Sugar : Weight :
First, We had breakfast, and Bandit, the Cat came out to nudge to me,
I fell in love instantly.
Liz Darnall and Dad had to go to the Tax company.
I waited in the lobby.
Then Liz Darnall went her way.
And Dad and I headed towards San Antonio, Home.
Dad needed to go to Benton, to a Tax County company for a bit.
I waited in the van, bad mistake, It was 105 outside.
Then we went on a toll lane from Benton to Austin.
Then Dad and I went to Threadgills to eat lunch.
We finally got home.
We were so happy to see Rosebud was ok!
Then I crashed out in bed.

July 8th, Wednesday, 2009:
Blood Sugar : Weight :
Liz Darnall's 60th birthday today!
Liz Darnall loved what I gave her.
We had breakfast.
And she gave me a baccarat toothpick holder with an orchid flower in it.
Plus as an early birthday gift to me for my Aug birthday,
~Liz Darnall gave me a Mickey/Minnie mouse Glass Jar and lid.
It is worth $20.00 on EBAY right now.
While Liz Darnall and Dad worked,
I watched 2 movies: "Must Love Dogs" and "Day After Tommorow".
Then I went and Crashed in bed.
Then we had dinner with a client of Dad's / Liz's.
Then Dad and I went to Rebecca Palmer's House around 5pm,
I fell in love with a lassie dog named Prince.

July 7th, Tuesday, 2009:
Blood Sugar : Weight :
We had breakfast.
Then someone came over and Liz Darnall had to do some work, plus dad did too.
Then, Liz Darnall, dad and I went to Prima Care Center
~for dad's arm needed some wood taken out of his wrist.
It was swollen and red about a quarter size.
Next from 10:25am to 3:22pm,
I was exploring and shopping at North Park Mall in a manual wheelchair,
"Wore my arms out".
The first thing I did was eat dessert at Magginno's YUM!
Then I had lunch at P.F. Changs Chinese Resturant YUM!
Next I went to Williams Sonoma
~and bought 2 different Rooster Placemats and Napkins for Liz's birthday on the 8th of July.
And I bought a Bobby Flay cookbook for my dad's birthday in September.
Then I window shopped and daydreamed for a while.
I passed up Neiman Marcus Cafe' and James Avery,
La Madeline, Godiva Chocolates and Starbucks Coffee.
What was I thinking?
Then, I went to The Paper Source shop,
~and bought some paper to put in a bag and
~then had them wrapped the Roosters Placemats and Napkins in them.
Plus I bought some shiney silver glittery paper
~and had them wrap the book too.
Then I went to Bath & Body shop,
~where I bought 2 different Hand Sanitizers
~and 3 different Lotions and 2 different Mints.
Then I went to Brookstone,
~and bought me a soft neck pillow, of the colors pink and blue.
Afterwards I passed up Build A Bear shop,
~and went straight to the Puzzle Zoo.
There I bought the Harry Potter Clue Game
~and a puzzle of a Light house and Amish buggy.
And then I went to Macy's to wait for dad.
As I was waiting, I called Rebecca Palmer.
We discussed me comming and having supper out with her tonight.
Dad arrived and discussed the where and when to meet each other.
Then dad and I went to Liz Darnall's house.
I crashed in bed and cried for awhile,
~for I was so much in pain in my arms for pushing my wheelchair.
Plus pushing myself inside Liz Darnall's house too.
Liz Darnall has 2 carpets. One to the bathroom and bedrooms and one to the dining room.
Later around 7:15pm dad and I went to BJ's Brewlry
~and met with Rebecca Palmer, Trapper & Torey Brown. We had a blast.

July 6th Monday, 2009:
Blood Sugar : Weight :
Dad washed my hair.
Then, we packed and went to Champs to go and delivery my motor wheelchair,
~to be fixed again, hopefully this time.
Then we left to go to Dallas.
During our trip, we ate lunch at Rudy's BBQ.
Then we had dinner in Hico.
We finally got to Liz's house at 8:15pm.
It was dark already.
Because, I was sitting the whole trip,
~when we got to the house,
~the first thing I did was go crash in bed.

July 5th Sunday, 2009:
Blood Sugar : Weight :
We got up and my chair worked,
~and then when we got to the restrooms,
My chair went out on me again.
We somehow, still went to visit this old church,
~and the stainglass was awesome inside it.
Then we went to Los Maples State Park.
Then my wheelchair decided to work again.
We ate and dad and my cousin went for a swim.
Then I went to the bathroom.
And when I was getting out of the bathroom,
~my wheelchair again conked out on me. UUUGH!
On the way home, my wheelchair kept rolling backwards and forwards,
~wearing out my arm strength,
So I strained my arms too.
When we got home, dad had a call from Gene, my brother, but it turned into a fight.
Dad won.

July 4th Saturday: Independance Day, 2009
Blood Sugar : Weight :
Next, Yes, I did get to see a parade
~and the fireworks for 40 minutes straining my neck some of the time.
I got to feed a horse that someone on the property owned.
Then of all things, my motor wheelchair started not working again.
Dad strained himself trying to release the lever
~and trying to push my 200 lb wheelchair with my weight of 260.
A total of 460 lbs motor wheelchair.
Man do I feel something for my dad.

July 3rd Friday, 2009
Blood Sugar : Weight :
Man did I feel out of place.
Dad, my cousin Liz Darnall and I went camping @ Utopia City Park.
I was in my Blue Motor Wheelchair right after they had said,
~"that my motorwheelchair was fixed."
First, I couldn't use a regular bathroom,
~for the place where we stayed in didn't have one accessible for my motorwheelchair.
So, I had to use the porto potty.
In-Which didn't have bathroom rails to hold me up from falling.
The only trouble there was getting my feet and legs to move and to hold my weight.
Second, I was inside the tent,
~and had to have the flaps closed so that no one would see in,
~and it was 102 outside.
You know I was sweating like in a sauna.
When I wanted to sleep, to get my self from my motor wheelchair on to my cot,
~that was low to the ground,
~and I had to move my feet and hold my weight up.
Again, no rails and no trapese.
Plus, I at home sleep in a hospital bed with a trapese.
All in all, You can say I strained my legs on this trip.

May 17,18,19,2009:
I went Camping in Abelene State Park!
I should have takin a notepad for a journal.
But I didn't.
So, I have no details of these 3 days.

May 1, Friday, 2009
Blood Sugar : Weight :
This was the closest day to that fall, that I could get an appointment to my doctor.
At this time, my Black / Blue chest was clearing up.
After having a Major fall on a Garner State Park camping trip,
~I went to Dr. Scanlan, my Primary Doctor today.
First, she is not upset with me. Which is good.
Second, she xrayed my right arm, and said nothing is broken,
but she wants me to see a orthapedic shoulder doctor.
She went over my medicine and if I need something for pain,
my dad is to give me it.
She said, if I need something that she took me off of,
the next time she will give it back to me.
She looked at my breast and said,
Luckly it was not internal bleeding,
and as for the lumps in my left breast.
They are caused by the fall.
If they haven't gone away soon, give me another call.
Dr. Scanlan said, when I fill better,
~to go to get my mamagram for my right breast.
And I need to see Hyperbaric Wound Care for my right upper leg
~and a foot doctor for my ingrown toenail.

Today is Cloudy and 72 Degrees outside.
More overcast though.

TV Schedule:
Wife Swap
"Camp Rock"
"The Devil Wears Prada"

April 26, Monday, 2009:
When I was 1/2 way comming awake. Around 1pm.
Liz Darnall was here, and she went through all my medicines and said, These make you sleepy!
Dad was on the phone, talking to my doctor.
He had Dr. Scanlan take me off at least 9 of them.
Telling her that :
On the way home, Dad was eating Ruffles Chips,
~and I had asked him if he was going to make a basket out of those chips?
Later, I said :
"Lark Doley, makes Beef Jerky an inch thick".
Dad knew I was OUT OF IT!!!!
Later, Liz Darnall and Dad, saw my Black/Blue Chest!

April 25, Sunday, 2009:
At Garner State Park ~ Conclusion
Sunday morning around 2am.
I got into my Blue Motor Wheelchair,
~In - which, is unusual for me to do. Too much off my balance!
~Later, Dad said, I must have had something called adrilian.
I was cold & I asked dad for a blanket.
Wierd, the heat was on in the tent.
He said get back in bed.
Then he heard a CRASH!
I had fallen face first on my Bipap machine,
~between the Oxygen machine & The Cot.
Dad struggled to get me up.
Somehow, in the morning, he managed to get me dressed
~and in my wheelchair.
He was upset with me for I was picking at my food instead of eating it.
Somehow he got my motor wheelchair into the van with me in it.
I was Really OUT OF IT!!
Kept falling asleep too!!!
Dad took us home.

April 23, 24, 25, 2009:
Dad and I went to Garner State Park!
Most of it was a blur.
But dad said I had fun,
Dad said, we even played Yahtzee!
~up until Sunday Morning...
Saturday night, I was in pain, & I was extremely restless ....
~way too restless to sleep.
So, not sure, I took something for pain and for sleep.
So, to make sure, I did it again.
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