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Gone But Not Forgotten

Steve Allen : Actor :
Bea Arthur : Actress/Comedian : "Maude"/"Golden Girls"
Roy Acuff : Country Singer
Gene Autrey : Country Singer

Lucille Ball : Actress : "I Love Lucy Show"
John Belushi : Actor : "National Lampoon's Animal House"/"Blues Brothers"
Bob Bell : Original Bozo The Clown
Milton Berle : Actor/Comedian :
Sonny Bono : Singer : Sonny and Cher Show
Jonathon Brandis : Seaquest DSV
Marlon Brando : Actor : "Godfather"
Anne Bancroft: Actress :"The Graduate"
William "Count" Basie : Musicain
Bill Bixby : Actor : "Incredible Hulk"
Humphrey Bogart : Actor : "Casablanca"
Ray Bolger : Actor : scarecrow in "The Wizard Of Oz"
Erma Bombeck: Newspaper Columnist/Humorist
Shirley Booth : Actress : "Hazel"
Charles Bronson : Actor : "Dirty Dozen"/"Magnificant Seven"
Yul Brynner : Actor : "King & I"
George Burns :Actor /Comedian
Richard Burton : Actor : "King Arthur of Camelot"
Shirley Temple Black : Actress "Icon" ~ Singer : "Heidi" ~ "The Little Princess" ~ "The Little Bluebird"

James Caggney: Actor : "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
John Candy : Actor : "Uncle Buck"
Karen Carpenter : Singer : "Close To You"/"We've Only Just Begun"
Johnny Carson : Talk Show Host : "The Tonight Show"
George Carlon : Comedian
David Carradine: Actor : "Kung Fu"
June Carter Cash : Country Singer
Johnny Cash : Country Singer : "Boy Name Sue"/"I Walk The Line"/"Ring Of Fire"
Jack Cassidy : father of Shawn and David Cassidy.
Wilt Chamberlain : Basketball Player
Harry Chapin : Singer : "Cat's In The Cradle"
Ray Charles : Singer : "Georgia On My Mind"
Julia Child : Gourmet Arthor: "Bon Appetit"
Winston Churchill :British Prime Minister and Statesman
Patsy Cline :Country Singer : "Crazy"
Rosemarie Clooney: Singer/Actress
James Coburn : Actor:
Nat "King" Cole : Singer : "Unforgettable"
Perry Como : Singer : "Catch A Fallen Star"
Joanne Crawford : Actress : "Mommie Dearest"
Jim Croce : Singer : "Time In A Bottle"
Walter Cronkite : News Reporter
Bing Crosby : Actor/Singer : "White Christmas"
Dick Clark : American Bandstand Concert & Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve Concert
Casey Kasem : Radio Broadcaster : Counting Down The Greatest Hits!

Ann B. Davis : Actress playing "Alice" in Brady Bunch Series on Television.
Roy Disney : Walt Disney's Brother : Co-Owner of the Walt Disney Corporation
Betty Davis : Actress : "All About Eve"
Sammy Davis Jr. : Singer : Candy Man
Rodney Dangerfield : Actor/Comedian "I Don't Get No Respect" famous quote
Bob Denver :Actor : Gillighans Island
Bo Diddley: Rock & Roll Singer
Dom De Luise: Actor/Comedian/Chef
Bobby Darin : Singer : "Mack The Knife"
James Dean : Actor : "Rebel With Out A Cause"
John Denver : Country Singer "Follow Me/Country Roads"
Diana, Prince Of Whales
"Walt Disney" : Entertainment Genuis : Owner of Walt Disney Corporation
Jeanne Dixon : Astrologer
Micheal Douglas : Talk Show Host : "The Micheal Douglas Show"
Jimmy Durante: Comedian

Farrah Fawcett : Actress : "Burning Bed" / "Charlie's Angels"
Freddy Fender : Singer : "Before The Next Teardrop Falls"
Ella Fitzgerald:
President Gerald R. Ford : President of the US
Arthur Fiedler : Conductor of the Boston Pops
John Fiedler: Voice of Disney's Piglet in Winnie The Pooh
Bobby Fisher : World Class Chess Champion
Art Fleming : Host of Jeopardy
Ian Fleming: Author: of James Bond
Henry Fonda : Actor : "Grapes Of Wrath" ~ "On Golden Pond"
Tennessee Earnie Ford : Musician

Eva Gabor: Actress
Jackie Gleason : Actor: "The Toy"
Andy Gibb : Singer in the Bee Gees "Shadow Dancing"
Maurice Gibb : Singer in the Bee Gees "Shadow Dancing"
Clark Gable : Actor : "Gone WIth The Wind"
Perry Mason : Writer
Judy Garland : Actress : "Wizard Of Oz"
Marvin Gaye : Singer : "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
William Geer : Actor: grandpa on the "Waltons"
Ira Gershwin : Composer
"Dizzy" Gelepsie: Musician
Benny Goodman : Musician
Merv Griffin : Talk Show Host /Game show Creator of Jeopardy/Wheel Of Fortune
Woody Guthrie : Musician "This Land Is Your Land"
Tony Gwynn : Hall Of Famer and San Diego Padres Baseball Legend
~ : His perfect left-handed stroke shot won him eight batting titles.
Andy Griffith : Actor : "Andy Griffith Show" ~ "Matlock"
James Garner : Actor : "Maverick" ~ "Rockford Files"

Rock Hudson: Actor: "McMillian and Wife"
Katherin Hepburn : Actress: "On Golden Pond" ~ "Guess Who's Comming To Dinner"
Charleton Heston: Actor: moses in "The 10 Commandments"
Alex Haley : Writer : "Roots"
Bill Haley : Musician : "Rock Around The Clock"
Jack Haley : Actor : the tin man in the "Wizard Of Oz"
William Hanna : Animator : Hanna-Barbera Productions - The Flintstones, The Jetsons
Oliver Hardy : Actor /Comedian : Laurel and Hardy
Jonathon Harris : Actor : Lost in Space
George Harrison : Musician : "The Beatles"
Issaac Hayes : Composer/Musicain : wrote the Theme to "Shaft"
George Hemsley : Actor : "The Jeffersons"
Bobby Helmes : Singer : "Jingle Bell Rock"
Jim Henson : Puppeteer : "The Muppets" ~ "Fraggle Rock" ~ "The Dark Crystal"
~"Labyrinth" ~ "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas"
Benny Hill : "The Benny Hill Show"
Gregory Hines : Actor /Dancer : "White Nights"
Alfred Hitchcock: Director : "Psycho"
Don Ho : Singer/Performer : "Tiny Bubbles"
Buddy Holly : Musician : "Peggy Sue"
Bob Hope : Comedian /Actor : "Mr. Entertainment"
John Houseman : Actor : "Paper Chase"

Burl Ives : Musician/Actor:

Janis Joplin: Singer : "Me & Bobby McGee"
Annisa Jones: Actress : "A Family Affair"
George Jones : Country Singer : "White Lightning"
Peter Jennings: Journalist - Anchor & chief editor "ABC News Tonight"
Lady Bird Johnson: Wife of President B. Johnson /Advocate of Nature Along Highways.
Micheal Jackson: Singer: "Beat It"/"Thriller"
Wolf Man Jack "Robert Westman Smith" : DJ extrodinaire
Art James: Game Show Announcer : "Concentration"/"Family Feud Challenge"
Rick James : Singer : "Superfreak"
"Aunt Jamimia" Rosie Riles : "Pancake Lady"
Waylyn Jennings : Country Singer
Lyndon B. Johnson : President of the US
Loius Grandpa Jones : Country Singer : from Hee Haw Show

Thomas Kinkade :A famous painter, "he painted some of the Disney Castles."
Ted Kennedy : Senater ~Politics

Micheal Landon : Actor : "Little House On The Prarie"/"Bonanza"
Tom Landry : 1st coach for the "Dallas Cowboys"
Bert Lahr : Actor : cowardly lion in the "Wizard Of Oz"
"Ann Landers" Esther Pauline Friedman : A Columnist
Alan "Rocky" Lane : voice of "Mr. Ed"
Gracie Lantz : voice of "Woody Woodpecker"
Estee Lauder :Cosmetics Pioneer
Jack Lemmon : Actor : "the Odd Couple"
John Lennon: "The Beatles"
Al Lewis: Actor : grandpa on "The Munsters"
Shari Lewis : Entertainer : "Lamb Chop's Mom"
"Liberace" Wladziu Valentino : Entertainer and Pianist
Charles Lindbergh: Aviator
Larry Linville :Actor : Frank Burns on "M*A*S*H"
Vince Lombardi : coach of the "Green Bay Packers"
Jack Lord : Actor: Steve McGarrett on "Hawaii Five-O"
Allen Ludden : Host of "Password"
Christepher Lee : Actor of "Dracula" and "Lord Of The Rings"

Walter Matthau : Actor/Comedian: "The Odd Couple"
Ricardo Montalban : Actor: "Fantasy Island"
Douglas Mac Arthur : US General "I Shall Return" famous quote.
Harriet MacGibbon : Actress: Mrs. Drysdale on The Beverly Hillbillies
Fred MacMurray: Steve Douglas on My Three Sons
Henry Mancini : Composer: "The Pink Panther"
Roddy McDowall : Actor : "Planet Of The Apes"
Robert Mitchum : Actor : "The Grass Is Greener" / "North & South" / "Scrooged"
Dudley Moore : Actor : "Six Weeks"/"Arthur"
Steve McQueen : Actor:

Ozzie Nelson : Actor : "Ozzie and Harriet Show"
Harriet Nelson : Actress: "Ozzie and Harriet Show"
Ricky Nelson : Actor/Singer: "Ozzie and Harriet Show"/"Hello Mary Lou"
Richard Milhous Nixon : President Of The US
Leonard Nimoy : Actor : "Star Trek"

Carrol O' Connor: Actor: Archie Bunker in All in the Family
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis : Former First Lady of The US
Buck Owens :Singer and Host of "Hee Haw"
Maureen O' Hara : Actress : "Miracle On 34th Street"

Minnie Pearl : Country Singer "Sarah Ophelia Colley"
Carl Perkens : Country Singer : "Blue Suede Shoes"
Pablo Picasso : Artist
Bobby "Boris" Pickett : Singer : "Monster Mash"
"Pope John Paul II" Karol Wojtyla
Luciano Poverati : Oprah Singer
Elvis Presley: Singer of Rock n' Roll :"Jailhouse Rock"/"Love Me Tender"
Vincent Price : Actor : "Wax Musuem"
Richard Pryor : Comedian/Actor "The Toy"/"Silver Streak"
Denver Pyle : Actor : "Dukes Of Hazzard"
Patti Page : Singer : "How M uch Is That Doggie In The Window" / "Tennissee Waltz"

Mae Questel : Actress and cartoon voice - "Betty Boop"/"Olive Oyl"/"Sweet Pea"

Eddie Rabbit : Country Singer : "I Love A Rainy Night"
Gilda Radner : Actress/Comedian:
Tony Randall : Actor/Comedian: "The Odd Couple"/"7 Faces Of Dr. Loa"
Lou Rawls:
President Ronald Reagan : President of the US
Christopher Reave : Actor : "Superman"/"Somewhere In Time"
Jerry Reed : Country Musician/Actor
Robert Reed : "Brady Bunch"/"Boy In The Plastic Bubble"
Otis Redding: Musician: Sittin on the Dock of the Bay
Orville Redenbacher : Popcorn Pioneer
Lee Remick:
Ann Richards : Governor Of Texas
Sally K. Ride : 1st Female Astronaut to Orbit around Earth.
Bobby Riggs : Tennis player - famous match with Billy Jean King
John Ritter : Actor : "3's Company"
Sugar Ray Robinson : Boxer
Norman Rockwell : Artist
"Roy Rogers" Leonard Franklin Slye : Cowboy Actor/Singer/Entertainer
"Mickey Rooney" born Joe Yule Jr. : Actor/Comedian : Hardy Family ~ Boys Town
Joan Rivers : Famous Comedian & Talk Show Host

Telly Savalas : Actor : "Kojack"
Frank Sinatra:
Anna Nicole Smith:
Beverly Sills: Brooklyn Born Opra Singer
Roy Schneider: Actor: "Jaws"
Charles Schulz: Creator Of "Peanuts Comic Strip"
George C. Scott: Actor: "Patton"/"A Christmas Carol"/"TAPS"
Peter Sellers: Actor: Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau in the "Pink Panther"
Del Shannon : Singer : "Runaway"
Alan B. Sheppard: Astronaut - First American in space, oldest man to walk on the moon
{Apollo 14}
Dinah Shore : Actress/Host of "Dinah Shore Show"
Red Skelton : Actor/Comedian : "Freeloaders' Christmas"
Buffalo Bob Smith : Actor : "Howdy Doody Show"
Micheal John Smith: US Space Shuttle Challenger Pilot
Mike Smith: Musician/ was lead vocalist for the "Dave Clark Five"
Tom Snyder: Talk Show Host for the "Late, Late Show"
Aaron Spelling: Producer:"Mod Squad"/"Starsky & Hutch"/"Charlie's Angels"/"The Love
Boat"/"Dynasty"/"Beverly Hills 90210"
Wendie Jo Sperber : Actress : "Bosum Buddies"/"Back To The Future"
Mickey Spillane : Writer: Mike Hammer novels
Dusty Springfield : Singer : "Wishin' and Hopin' "
James Stewart : Actor : "Harvey"/"A Wonderful Life"
Ed Sullivan : Talk Show Host of the "Ed Sullivan Show"
Gloria Swanson: Actress : "Sunset Boulevard"
Dr. Harry S. Stephans : My Doctor for my first 24 years!
Jean Stapleton : Actress : "All In The Family"

Dave Thomas : Wendy's Fast Food Founder
Trigger "Horse" : "Roy Rogers"
Harry S. Truman : President Of The US
Conway Twitty : Musician/Country Singer

Robert Urich : Actor : "Spenser For Hire"

Porter Wagoner : Country Singer and Grand Ole Opry star
Nancy Walker : Actress : Ida on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"/"Rhoda"/"Bounty paper towel
Andy Warhol : Artist
John Wayne : Actor : "The Duke" / "True Grits"
Dennis Weaver : Actor : "Gunsmoke"
Jack Webb : Actor : "Sgt. Joe Friday on Dragnet"
Lawrence Welk : Musician/Bandleader on the The Lawrence Welk Show
Orsin Welles : Actor/Director - Citizen Cane
Dottie West : Country Singer
Mae West : Actress
Boxcar Willie : Country Singer :
Flip Wilson: Actor/Comedian
Paul Winfield : Actor : "Sounder" / "Roots:The Next Generation"
Natalie Wood : Actress: "Rebel Without A Cause"/"West Side Story"
Sheb Wooley: Actor/Songwriter: wrote "Flying Purple People Eater"
Johnny Winter : Blues Guitartist
Robbin Williams : Actor/Comedian : "Mrs. Doubtfire"/"Patch Adams"/"What Dreams May Come"

Robert Young: Actor: "Father Knows Best"/"Marcus Welby, MD"

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All material is and by their respected owners. All rights reserved by the respected owners. Use of copyrighted. And trademarked material is for entertainment purposes only; no infringement on the original copyrights or trademarks held by the respected owners is intended or should be inferred.