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Walt Disney Cruise Line

My Cruise to the Bahamas, Was on December 14 Saturday to 21st Saturday, 2013!

These are some of the Christmas Events I get to enjoy on my Cruise!
Sail Away Deck Party ::}we enjoyed this very much
Deck the Deck Tropical Hoiday Party : This was for the little ones
Pirate Deck Party and Fireworks ::}we enjoyed this very much
King Triton's Tree Lighting Ceremony ::}we enjoyed this very much
Santa Claus Meet And Greet : This was for the little ones
Holiday Storytelling :This was for the little ones
A Life-Sized Gingerbread House ::}we enjoyed this very much "Smelling this house at the promenade cafe"
and make your own Gingerbread house : We were too late in signing up
and of course Buy Holiday Merchandise! ::}we enjoyed this very much

This is My Itenary :
Saturday December 14 : Sail Away Deck Party! ~ 4:15 pm
Sunday December 15 : At Sea : ~ All Day
Dad saw the movies "Thor" and "The Lone Ranger"
Monday December 16 : Key West : Trolley Tour
Tuesday December 17 : Castaway Cay Island : ~ All Day
Wednesday December 18 : Naussa : 10am to 11am Dad and I went downtown Naussa to shop.
Ardastra Gardens and Ciity Tour “For Dad” ~ 12noon
Pirate Deck Party and Fireworks 9:45 pm
Thursday December 19 : At Sea.
Dad and I saw the movie "Frozen"
Friday December 20 : At Sea : Spa : Elemnis Pro Collegan Marine Facial “For Marcia” ~ 10:30am for 50 min
Dad and I saw the movie "Saving Mr. Banks"
Saturday December 21 : At Galveston!

Friday December 13, 2013: Beginning Day 1:
Met with my Cousin Perrin Worrell in Houston at my hotel Hampton Inn at 12:30noon.
Dad and I agreed the bed is too high, w/ soda crate too!
I slept on the sofa sleeper instead.
We went to P.F.Changs for lunch, then back to the hotel.
Citrus Blend ~ Spicy Almond, Cashew Chicken
Perrin Spoke with Dad.
We exchanged Christmas Gifts!
Dad and I went to Fuzzy's Pizza for Supper.
Green Olive ~ Black Olive ~ Pepperoni Pizza ~ Water

Saturday, December 14, 2013: Day 1:
Before Leaving Houston, We went to "Complete Medical Store" for a Nose Piece Mask Cpap/Bpap
"Greetings, Please Welcome The Gallatin Family!" [and they said it correctly]
They greeted us with Hot Chocolate, for one it was cold outside and two It is Christmas time.
We had lunch at Pirate Cay Buffet:
Stirfry Vegtables ~ Cold Pineapple and Coconut Soup ~ Ginger Ale ~ Ice Cream
Our Room is 7131 Handicapped Accessible!
We went to Port Adventures Desk for some info
5:45 Dinner: @ Triton's : Little Ariel Theme
Potato Leek Soup ~ Carrots ~ Broccolli ~ Chicken ~ Hot Choc ~ Gingerale
Dessert : Sweet Temptations Trio. : Seen in picture below.
Mickey Mates : 2 Books & 20 Postcards
Walt Disney Theater : All Aboard Broadway Musical with Characters

Sunday December 15, 2013: Day 2:
Woke up at 7:36am Ate at 8:00am at Tritons:
I had the Motor Tug Boat Yogurt with Granola ~ Pinapple Stack and Hot Choc ~ OJ
Believe or not, Dad actually tasted my yogurt
We spoke with some persons that sat with us near the spa area.
Port Adventures Services wanted my wheelchair measurements for the trolly info.
My phone camera started to STOP Working and the Video did too,
~ right when I was trying to tape a Baby Race
~ Called Jacks' Diaper Dan's Baby Race
That was a very cute race! 2out of 3 times Babies had to race to their other parents and finish line.
Mickey's Mates Shopping : Mickey Mouse Captain Doll Plush
Treasure Ketch Shopping : Disney Cruise T Shirt and Disney Cruise Cup
Dad and I played Free Bingo! But we did not win.
Lunch @ Beach Blanket Buffet :
Chilled Artichoke Soup ~ Diet Coke ~ White & Dark Choc Leaning Tower ~ Taramisu
Believe it or not, Dad actually had a Taramisu.
We went to Room 7131 and I had a 2 1/2 hour nap. Dad saw the movie Thor
@ 5:45pm Dinnertime: Animator's Pallatte: Formal Dressware:
Chochotlet ~ Turkey ~ Green Beans ~ Yams ~ Dressing ~ 2 Mousses and 1 Creme' Bruelee'

Monday December 16, 2013: Day 3:
Woke up at 7:00am!
8:00am Parrot Cay for Breakfast :
Watermelon ~ Pineapple ~ Peaches ~ Yogurt ~ Hashbrowns ~ Choc Pastry ~ OJ ~ Chochotlet ~ Choc Milk
Back to the Room 7131
Dad and I had to have a Carpenter fix my Wheelchair front tire. It was squeaking tereably!
KEY WEST! Dad and I bought some souvineers : Hats ~ Shotglasses~ Magnets ~ TShirts
KEY WEST! We had a Trolly Ride Tour!
We first had a trolly scare with the hydrolics ~ but after it was fixed it was smooth sailing.
KEY WEST! Dad and I ate there : I ate Blackened Chicken and Coleslaw ~ Strawberry Lemonade
~ and Kermits' Key Lime Pie with Whipped Cream
Back on Board the Wonder Cruise @ 3:57pm in 7131
Spent some time doing cross stitch and drinking 2 cokes on Deck 9 while waiting to leave Key West.
@5:45pm for Dinnertime @ Animator's Pallate: Casual Dressware:
Everything starting being Black and White, even the paintbrushes
~ Plus the Waiters vest were black and white
When it was time to give the desserts, the colors came out and kept changing everywhere!
~ And the Waiters came out in a parade with Mickey Mouse the Sorceror!

This is Marcia "ME" on December 16, Monday Getting ready to Leave Key West!

Tuesday December 17, 2013: Day 4:
@ 8:00am: Beach Blanket Buffet Breakfast :
Pineapple ~Bannana ~ Watermelon ~ Cajun Potatoes ~ Choc Pastry ~ French Toast ~ Choc Milk ~ OJ
Castaway Cay! All Day Long ! Before going on the cruise, my impression was full of sand on this island.
No place for wheelchairs.
Then, On the cruise, they said give it a chance you might change your mind. :)
I got off the ship, the first thing I saw was a humouguos christmas tree!
There were Trams with Physical Access for Wheelchairs!
There were Restrooms for the Physical Handicapped.
They even had Sand Wheelchairs "too high for me" but they still had them incase you wanted to go in the sand.
Dad wanted to do the water bicycles but they were all rented. so he didn't get to. but here is what it looks like.
Dad and I ate : Hot Dog ~ Coleslaw ~ German Potato Salad ~ 3Cokes ~ Vannilla Ice Cream in Cone
I talked dad into buying a pirate magnet.
On board at 5:00pm
Dad went to the Prominade Cafe to listen to music.
He then took his camera and took pictures of Belle and Rapunzel.
@ 5:45pm : Dinner :Parrot Cay:
Squash ~ Mozzarrelli ~ Bannana Bread ~ Banana Butter ~ Chicken ~Corn ~ Yams ~ Twinnings Honeybush Tea
~ Milk ~ Pineapple Layered Cake
Room 7131
The Cove Deck 9 : Warm Milk and do some cross stitch for a while
Room 7131
On TV Channel 124-5 : Toy Story :The Musical

Wednesday December 18, 2013: Day 5:
Woke up @ 7:00am with a sore minor throat.
@ 8:00am for Breakfast : Triton:
Motor Tug Boat Yogurt and Granola ~ Chochotlet ~ OJ ~ " YES A ALL LIQUID BREAKFAST!" :)
@ 9:00am to 10:00am Naussa Downtown with Dad
Boring town. Everything is jamed packed with repeated merchandise
~ meaning Selling the same things over and over again everywhere.
Nothing is Accessible for a wheelchair.
Dad and I did get 1 T Shirt ~ 1 Magnet ~ 2 Hats ~ 1 Shotglass
Then I was back on the ship and he went to the Ardastra Gardens and Ciity Tour
Me On The Ship:
Deck 9 : Eating a pepperoni pizza and having a coke and doing cross stitch till I started to get tired
Room 7131 Emer, my room head housekeeper helped me in.
I knew I could not sleep in my bed, for Dad usually helps me get out of bed.
~ and he's off ship. So that won't work.
So I had to use the bathroom, and this is embarrasing,
~ I woke up 1 and 1/2 hours later still in the bathroom.
Deck 9 The Cove : For some Warm Milk and do my Cross stitch ~ Dad found me
@ 5:45pm Triton for Dinner:
Red Beans & Rice and Chicken Breast ~ Watermelon Soup ~Cornbread ~ Blackeyed Peas ~ Gingerale ~Coke
Anthony our Dinning Partner told me that I forgot my purse in Tritons. And that it is at Guest Services now.
Dad retrieved the purse. Relief!
Dad and I went and saw the movie "Frozen" in the Walt Disney Theater in 3 D! Wow!
Tonight Is PIRATE NIGHT and FIREWORKS NIGHT!!!! on Deck 9 while I enjoyed a coke
Beach Blanket Buffet for a Snack Desserts:
Chocolate Chip Cookie and Bannana Moose Cake
Room 7131

Thursday December 19, 2013: Day 6:
Woke up at 7:15am
@ 8:00am Breakfast at Parrot Cay:
Choc Chip Pancakes with Choc Sauce and Whippped Cream
~ Mickey Mouse Waffles and Maple Syrup ~ Strawberrys and Strawberry syrup
OJ ~ Raisin Bran Cereal ~ Milk ~ Chochotlet
Our Waiters Ajet and Joy dressed us in bandanas "dad: Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan"
~ "me : a Pirate and Pochantas"
Deck 9 The Cove : Warm Milk and did my cross stitch
Room 7131
Eureka! I'm Cleaned Out! Now I Can Enjoy More Vacation!
Dad is relieved about me too! He was very worried at first.
Mickey's Mates : Bought me a Disney Pillow ~Book ~ and Tangled CD
Deck 9 : watched "Monster's Inc" on the Funnel outside while enjoying pizza and 2 cokes
Room 7131
@ 2:00pm @ The Promade Cafe I, Marcia went to the Disney Tunes Trivia Contest
~ My partner believe it or not had my mom's name, Margaret
We listened to 20 songs being played by a pianoist and answer what movie the song came from
~ and the bonus question answer too!
We didn't win, but we did have fun!
Deck 9 : The Cove : A coke and Cross stitch while listening to a folk singer with a guitar.
~ He was pretty good too!
@ 5:45pm :Parrot Cay: Dinnertime:
Pulled Pork ~Rice ~ Carrots ~ Cottage Cheese ~ Swiss Cheese ~ Pumpkin Mousse
~ Choc Sticky Pudding ~ Vannilla Ice Cream ~ Choc Sauce ~ Coconut ~ Coke
Room 7131

Friday December 20, 2013: Day 7:
Woke up @ 7:00am
@ 8:00am @ Triton for Breakfast :
Musleli [Granola, shreaded fruit :coconut and apples/walnuts with milk and yogurt blended together]
~ OJ ~ Chochotlet
@ 10:30am @ The Spa : Marcia's "ME" my Facial for 50 minutes!
Deck 9 : a Coke and Cross Stitch for a while
@ 1:15pm in the Buena Vista Theatre : Movie "Saving Mr. Banks"
This is A Must See Movie, Dad called it a tear jerker movie, a movie to see over and over again.
@ 5:45pm @ Parrot Cay for Dinner : with all this excitement I forgot to write down what I ate! RRR.
@ 8:30pm @ Walt Disney Theatre : DREAMS a Musical Broadway Show with Characters
@ 10:00pm In The Lobby Atruim : Till We Meet Again Party with the Characters
The Characters that were there : Captain Hook and Mr Smee, Donald and Daisy Duck,
~ Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy, Chip and Dale, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle,
~ Frozen Princess. "Don't know her name", Rupuzel and Snow White
At the end, they annouced they wanted to leave us with alittle something,
~ we heard a pop, then a ton of tiney little confeti silver mickey icon pieces came falling all over the place.

This is Left : Albert my dad, Middle : ME "Marcia" , Right : Peter , Director of Entertainment.

Saturday December 21, 2013: Day 8:
Woke up @ 5:00am EARLY BIRDS AREN"T WE! :)
Dad and I went to Deck 9 for some Hot Chocolate and to see what the weather would be like
~ and to see if we were docked yet in Galveston or not.
Dad and I were in shock to see that the deck was wet and it was humid not cold. Yes, We were Docked.
Room 7131
@ 8:00am @ Parrot Cay for Breakfast:
Musleli [Granola, shreaded fruit :coconut and apples/walnuts with milk and yogurt blended together]
~ OJ ~ Chochotlet
Didn't like having to eat so fast though.
I had to leave early for I'm in a wheelchair.
@ 8:15am We Dis Embarked The Cruise! and Left to go HOME!

It is a MIRACLE that neither dad nor I had any MAJOR problems on this trip health wise!
Except for the fact that YES I did gain weight.?how much?
~I'm scared to find out. LOL. not a laughing matter.
It is a MIRACLE that all minor boo boo's like wheelchair tires got fixed.
It is a MIRACLE that Dad and I got a 2nd chance to go on another Disney Cruise

Walt Disney World

If I ever went back to Walt Disney World, this is what I would do:
Now if I could only go back for a 3rd time,
It would have to be 1 week before Christmas!
Drive there too.
With a Full Charged Batteried Motor Wheelchair. For These Reasons:
“Though, I don’t’ know if it will still handle Epcot and World Showcase or not.”

If my choice of hotel: Grand Floridian or Boardwalk or AGAIN : Corondo Springs hotel, if not.
Or the Animation Hotel, when it opens. “preferably: Finding Nemo or Little Mermaid”.
We would go see the Grand Floridian Gingerbread house being built and taste
~ and Buy some gingerbread plus buy a gingerbread $25.00 house to take home with us.
And then buy some Roasted Chestnuts.
I would love to go back to Disney Downtown again and go to World Of Disney and buy some more t-shirts!

I would go to the following this time:
Disney Downtown :
Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba
Walt Disney World Of Disney Store : AGAIN! That is a must every time!
Disney Days Of Christmas
Disney’s Mickey’s Pantry
Disney Tails “Pet Store”
Art Of Disney
The Magic Of Disney
Team Mickey’s Atheletic Club
Goofy’s Candy Co.
Disney’s Candy Cauldron A MUST!!!!!!!
Disney’s Wonderful World Of Memories
Disney’s Pin Traders
Disney Quest : AGAIN! They have an arcade ~ a Karoke ~ a paint a cel.
Wolfgang Pucks’ Café : AGAIN for Dinner!
And Rainforest Café : AGAIN for Dinner!
And maybe go to Raglan for Dinner this time.

I would go to the following this time:
Magic Kingdom :
“If I Could” the Haunted Mansion……..but it is not accessible for me
Cinderella Castle for Dinner….I don’t know if it is accessible or not though
….even though they have an elevator there.
Crystal Palace for a Character Breakfast : AGAIN
Enchanted Tiki Room : AGAIN
See the Mainstreet Electric Parade @ Nighttime
Hall Of Presidents
Country Bear Jamboree : AGAIN
The inside of the Cinderella Castle “To buy Walt Disney Cross-Stitches this time”
Mickey’s Philhar Magic : To See This For Sure!!!!!!!!
Railroad Train : AGAIN
Watch a Christmas Parade while drinking some hot chocolate and eating Gingerbread.
Visit the new Fantasyland!

I would go to the following this time:
Hollywood Studios:
Go to more Animation Galleries : AGAIN ~ A Must!
See Hollywood Parade Of Characters
Mama Melrose Italian Restaurant : AGAIN
Hollywood Vine for a Character Breakfast
50’s Prime Time for Lunch
The Magic of Disney Animation
Muppets 3-D : AGAIN
Muppets Gift Store AGAIN
Journey Of Narnia
Voyage Of The Little Mermaid : AGAIN
Beauty and the Beast : AGAIN
Walt Disney’s ~ One Man’s Dream
Fantasmic’s : AGAIN

I would do the following this time:
Nemo and Friends ~ @ The Living Seas : though I don’t know if its accessible for me
Talking To Crush ~ @ The Living Seas
Did this at Disneyland.
Soarrin their giftstore.
“According to Disneyland, their seats are too thin and too high.”
Imagination Pavillion
Honey, I Shrunk The Audience 3-D : AGAIN
Circle Of Life
Mission To Mars “if accessible for me” : if not then the gift store there.

I would do the following this time: World Showcase:
“if my motor wheelchair doesn’t conk out on me that is”
……or “if I have a strong person that can handle the monorail hills”…if we take my manual
……otherwise with a manual
…if they can help me on the bus as well as push me through Epcot and the World Showcase”.

American Adventure : AGAIN
To get a German Pretzel.
Chefs De France for Dinner : AGAIN
Ankerhraus Norway For Dinner
And if @ Christmas time to see all the different country’s Santa Clauses and hear their stories of Christmastime.
And the candlelight procession and choir singing the Christmas Story.

I would do the following this time:
Animal Kingdom:
Tarzan Show “If it still exist”
The Lion King Show
It’s Tough To Be A Bug 3-D : AGAIN
Boma’s @ The Animal Kingdom Lodge for Lunch or Dinner : A MUST!
Finding Nemo Musical
Jiko’s @ The Animal Kingdom Lodge for Dinner.

I would do the following this time:
Boardwalk : to Go To Spoodles & To get an Italian Ice : AGAIN
To visit the Wilderness Lodge
To visit the Poloynesian Lodge
Eat @ Kona Café @ The Poloynesian Lodge for Lunch
To visit the Disney Institute.
If I’m Not staying at the Grand Floridian……To Do The Following there:
@ Christmas time : The Gingerbread House and buy 1 to take with me.
To buy some Roasted Chestnuts.
Have High Tea there.
Otherwise: To see the Ladybugs observatory
To visit a handcapped room, just to see it and to feel the experience of luxury.
To visit Grand Floridian’s Disney Store and Arcade on the 2nd floor.

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